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Vacation Apartment Berlin Weißensee

If you decide to rent a vacation apartment in Berlin Weißensee you will experience a balanced mixture of idyll and city near life.
In former times, Weißensee was an independent district, but today it's a part of the district Pankow. Its name derived from the Low German term "Wittenze" (plae lake) and it was first mentioned in a document in 1313.
Today, mainly the neo-classical buildings as well as the extra-wide streets round the identically named lake in the centre of the district are characterizing.
On one hand, Weißensee offers a typical idyll and many recreation possiblities because of its location in the north east fo the periphery. On the other hand, with the development of the short-distance public transport perfect conditions were created which makes it possible to get to the city centre fast and easily.
Therefore, renting a vacation apartment in this district is very attractive to a wide range of visitors. 

The lake "Weiße See" offers an awful lot of attractions. Next to a lido with a playground in the water you can also find a disabled-friendly parkway, an open-air stage and some restaurants and cafés.
One of the most famous cafés is the "Milchhäuschen" with a nice lake terrace, which, at the beginning of the 20th century was considered a milk collecting point of wet nurse's milk for needy children. Besides there are many lawns, paths, vivariums and a boat rental in the park near the Weißer See, which can be very attractive for the guest of a vacation apartment in Berlin Weißensee.
Nevertheless, not only in summer the lake is an intersting excursion destination. In winter, when it is frozen over, the lake is turned into an ice rink and in the milder times of the year the many footpaths and bikeways offer a nice recreation possibility.

Another main attraction for cultural interested guests of a vacation apartment - no matter at what age - is the annual flower festival of Weißensee, which has been a permanent feature of the Weißensee culture. It's considered a cultural event and next to a flower show it also offers many party tents and roundabouts.

The Jewish Cemetary, opened in 1880, is another remarkable attraction in this little district of Pankow.
With approximately 115.000 burials it's considered the biggest Jewish cemetary in Europe, on which also the philosopher Hermann Cohen, the physisist Eugen Goldstein and the publisher Samuel Fischer are laid to rest. Besides, among others, you can find the places of the cinerary urns of 809 Jews who were assassinated in the concentration camps.

Furthermore, east of the Weißer See there is the parish church. Its oldest stones can be dated back to the 13th century and until the 18th it had been enlarged again and again. During World War II it was gutted by fire in 1943 and costly renovated in 2005/2006.

Moreover, the district Weißensee bacame famous because of the merchant Leberecht Pistorius, who acquired the manor Weißensee in 1821. He was very interested in distillery and so he invented the Pristoriussian distillery apparatus which could produce brandy out of potatoes.
Immediately, this invention kick-started the agriculture in Brandenburg strikingly with the cheap and easy production.
Subsequently, Weißensee-Berlin became extremely famous through various movie productions between 1913 and 1929, e.g. "Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari", an German expressionist silent movie from 1920.
At that time, many production companies moved their offices to this region.

There is a transfer possibility from Weißensee to the city centre of Berlin.  Though there is no metro connection in this district, the S-Bahn and tram traffic net offer a good connection to the city centre, e.g. S42/S42 (ring lines),S8, S85 and trams.

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