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Vacation Apartment Berlin Tiergarten

Renters of a vacation apartment in Berlin Tiergarten will find themselves in the political heart of the federal republic and they have lots of touristical venues right on their doorstep.
Directly at the sweep of the river Spree there are the important parliamentary and governmental buildings of the German federal republic. The country's most important representation of the people holds its meetings in the Reichstag building at the Platz der Republik (German: Place of the Republic). Every day the glassdome that is also accessable for tourists is used by huge streams of visitors to enjoy an unique view over the city.

The zoological garden in Berlin doesn't only accommodate the mascot of climate protection and most famous ice bear of all time, but it's also considered the most species-rich one of the world at the same time.
15.000 animals of nearly 1.500 species are gazed by about 3 millions of people each year. This garden is also eponymous for the adjoining train station Zoologischer Garten and the setting of the awakening story about Christiane F. ("We Children from Bahnhof Zoo").
If you're a guest in a vacation apartment in Tiergarten, goddess Victoria on the victory column, also called "Goldelse" (German: golden Else) in common parlance, will watch over you. In 1938 she was moved from the Platz der Republik to the big star. Today 180.000 cars circle around it every day. In addition, this was the place where Barack Obama gave his celebrated speech to 200.000 audience members in 2008 after he was personally expelled from the Brandenburg Gate by Angela Merkel.
The Siegessäule is embedded in the eponymous Big Tiergarten. With an area that includes about two thirds of the Central Park it represents the biggest parkway in the capital. The office of the Federal President, Bellevue Palace, is also located in Tiergarten (nearby the Goldelse).



The glance of Berlin's modernity glimmers alternately in blue and violet at the Potsdamer Platz.
The Sony Center, including near highrise triads, contributes an imposing majority to the skyline of Berlin Tiergarten and it optically brings the character of a metropolis to the whole city.
Standing between the big superlatives Sony Center and the train tower, the impression of Berlin being a "big village" immediately disappears.
The series of architectural masterpieces is continued just a few metres away from there. The asymmetric building of the philomonic hall of Berlin that looks similar to a tent, is known for its unconventional and visionary construction style. Nebertheless, room architects of the Technical University achieved to design a body of sound out of this jagged concert hall by nearly completely abolishing the distance between musician and audience. Into this series of extraordinary buildings we can also put the "Haus der Kulturen der Welt" (German: house of the world cultures), better known with its nickname "Schwangere Auster" (German: pregnant oyster). Here the most various international streams of art meet and demonstrate  the intersections of the intercultural life styles.

Being guest in a vacation apartment in Berlin Tiergartenmeans to have a maximum of mobility. Different S-Bahn trains (S41/S42, S5, S7, S75, S9) and the metro line U9 conncet this district with the local traffic. In the south of Tiergarten the metro lines U1 and U2 are also reachable. Besides, since 2006 the former train station Lehrter Bahnhof is now the central train station of Berlin.

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