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Vacation Apartment Berlin Neukölln

If you rent a vacation apartment in Berlin Neukölln, you will experience a multicultural and colourful district, whose flair is  increasingly oriented towards the lifestyle of Kreuzberg. That's why many residents call it "Kreuzkölln".
The original Neukölln only offered blocks of flats for the working class, but today we see that the surge of artist settlement has left its mark on this district. The scene in Berlin is very dynamic and always emerges where increasingly young people gather together in creative jobs.
Lady Luck Fortuna, that is situated at the town hall of Neukölln, currently means it really well with the district. For example, many inhabitants of Berlin agree that during the next years Neukölln will be developing from a deprived area into the next scene district of Berlin.


Making a closer inspection really pays off in this district, because art and culture are often secluded e.g. in the backyards of the Karl Marx Straße. The Neukölln Opera is very popular, especially because of its extravagance. Here one attempts to create an alternative to the traditional opera and to put it into practice with an area of tension between plays and musicals.

The traffic centre in the north of Neukölln is the Hermannplatz, which attracts attention because of its dynamics and the various shopping possibilities. Some footsteps from here, you'll get to the public park Hasenheide. In former times it was an electoral rabbit warren. Today it aks you out to relax a little bit and it is famous for its beautiful, old tree population.
In the middle of the capital-metropolis Berlin there is the "Bohemian village" round the Richardplatz. There we can find the oldest building stock in Neukölln and it offers a nearly village-idyllic character. This historical plant is much appreciated because of its originality with a reference to the former Rixdorf and it has a landmark status. That's why it is still considered the cultural centre of Neukölln with its  annual christmas market.

The guest in a vacation apartment in Neukölln also has the possibility to discover the Britz Garden in the south of this district. It was voted one of the ten most beautiful gardens in Germany and in 1985 it was structured as the terrain for the Bundesgartenschau (German Federal Garden Show). The canals and waterways enable the visitor to experience Berlin in another way on an territory of 90 hectares of garden art.
The modern landscape garden is a quiet lakescape and paths invite you to experience different waterscapes. Besides there are various special gardens and attractions in the park, for example the Hexengarten (garden of witches), the Karl-Förster Staudengarten (perennial garden) , the Dahlienarena (arena of dahlias), Rosengarten (garden of roses) and a good many others.

Renters of a vacation apartment in Berlin Neukölln are connected with the local public transport in an optimal way. Using the metro lines U8 and U7 you can get directly into the city centre. Besides there are some train stations of the ring line and also some bus stations.

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Vacation apartment Otto-Wels-Ring 12351 Berlin Neukölln

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Vacation apartment Trappenpfad 12351 Berlin Neukölln

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Vacation apartment Trappenpfad 12351 Berlin Neukölln

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