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Vacation Apartment Berlin Mitte

Mitte, that means: this name (German: centre) says it all. If you rent a vacation apartment in Berlin Mitte, you are directly in the former and new centre of the capital and in the origen of Berlin.
You'll find the most important landmarks of the capital, like Brandenburg Gate, the victory column (also called Goldelse) and the control centre of power directly in front of your door - this is only possible with a vacation apartment in Berlin Mitte.

Brandenburg Gate is the symbol of societal changes, hopes and, of course, the reunification of East and West Berlin. Social king size- events, mass demonstrations and the most expensive advertising spaces are located there.
Starting at Brandenburg Gate, the Straße des 17. Juni with the victory column runs through the luxury quarter, along pompous department stores, the state opera and Humboldt University. Shopping lovers will also make a find in the Friedrichstraße, as its elegance invites you to stroll around and it leads you to the former border crossing point Checkpoint Charlie. You can discover the "pearl of Berlin" quite comfortably by foot, if you are guest in a vacation apartment in Berlin.

In Tiergarten, a part of the district Mitte, the parliament and government quarter is situated. There the German Bundestag holds its meetings in the redesigned Reichstag building. At the time of Kaiser Wilhelm it was a very gloomy building, but today the glass dome lightens it and makes it accessible for pedestrians.  Between all the embassies and the chancellery you can often meet notables of the international politics.

At the northern top of the Spree isle there the National Gallery, the Berlin cathedral as well as the Pergamon and the Bode museum with their baroque and classicistic construction style are situated. The Old Museum is considered the nucleus as Frederic III. granted the civil society access to cultural education.

With its style of post-modern architecture the Potsdamer Platz marks the connection between East and West Berlin and since the 1990's it also optically gives the city its metropolitan character.
If you stand between the two superlatives Sony Center and the train tower, the image of Berlin being a "big village" will disappear. Impressed by this height dominante, the renter of a vacation apartment in Berlin Mitte shouldn't miss a to visit the Alexanderplatz. There you can find the televsion tower with an altitude of 365 m, which is the biggest construction in Germany and the fourt-biggest in Europe.
You can use the elevator either to eat something in the restaurant at an altitude of 207 metres, or - being free from giddiness - you can go until the panorama floor. The view on the capital is really unique!


If you rent a vacation apartment in Berlin Mitte, you are right in the political, historical and cultural centre of the capital, and you are also able to reach the rest of the city very fast. Countless train stations of the S-Bahn and the metro as well as the central train station of Berlin offer a high degree of mobility.

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