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Vacation Apartment Berlin Marzahn

Anyone who rents a vacation apartment in Berlin Marzahn will soon learn that the prejudices against and clichés about this district have been outdated long ago. Instead of gloomy industrialized apartment blocks, visitors of Marzahn can expect colourful housing estates and huge green spaces.
Often tourists are very surprised to hear that the income of the residents is higher than average.

This young district, independent since 1979, by this time is considered a popular focus point especially for young families.

With a vacation apartment in Berlin Marzahn you have the possibility to enjoy and visit the many medieval churches and big lakes - to put it briefly: enjoy the idyll of a village and, at the same time, the big city life.
Historico-culturally interested people often visit the palace in Biesdorf, which is considered being very strikingly because of its frontage made of artificial stones. In the palace courtyard there is an open-air stage, which suits perfectly for a summerly visit to the theatre.
The big estates significantly document the architectural style of the GDR. While walking through this district, it is worth visiting the recreational park Marzahn, that originally was introduced by the GDR as a counterbalance to the garden in Britz in West Berlin. Today, on its area of 21 hectares it acommodates the project "Gärten der Welt" (German: gardens of the world), which among others contains the biggest Chinese garden in Europe. The architects produced a complete authenticity with material that was conveyed by water in about 100 containers. The name "garden of the regained moon" was chosen by the Chinese themselves and refers to the German reunification.

Besides, Berlin Marzahn can offer a lot more superlatives, though still being an outlying district. For example, at the crossroads of Rhinstraße/Landsberger Allee there is the high-rise "Pyramide",   that stands 100 m high. With an impressive lighting engineering it can display the time, that's why it is considered the biggest clock in Europe. The building owes its name to its pyramidal glass facade that is integrated into the construction.

Nevertheless, the indisputable land mark of Berlin Marzahn is the little smaller "Marzahner Mühle", a wooden post mill, in which they, indeed, still produce flour today.
The definitely intented rural character of the district is completed by a village church, a glass blowing workshop, a goldsmiths and an animal farm.
Simultaneously, the main centre and its occidental architecture is apparent, although the swimming bath, the library and countless shops are originated in the GDR.

For a shopping tour in this district the big Eastgate Center is very suitable. There you'll find shops like H&M, C&A, Esprit, NewYorker and a lot more. And for being entertained afterwards, you can go to the UCI cinema, at the opposite of the center.


While you're renting a vacation apartment in Berlin Marzahn, the new and the former East Berlin will present itself in a very multi-faceted way. The vacation apartments in Berlin Marzahn are perfectly connected with local and national train services. The S-Bahn line S7 and many tram lines (M6, M8, M17 and 18) convey you into the city very fast. Moreover, at the train station Ahrensfelde also regional trains depart.




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