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Vacation Apartment Berlin Köpenick

Renting a vacation apartment in Berlin Köpenick means both: on the one hand you are a visitor in one of the most imposing European metropolis, on the other hand the 800 year-old district also tempts you with its small town charm. This atmosphere doesn't only survive in the narrow alleys that wind through the old buildings and historical churches, but the hills, waters and forests also invite you to take a rest. So does the biggest lake of Berlin, the Müggelsee, that encourages to take a bath or a walk.
At the same time, the water is an important component of the local industry and trade without deceiving the beauty of the beaches.
A vacation apartment in Berlin Köpenick also offers all the nature-loving invitors the possibility of discovering all the appealing places directly from the seaside via a steamboat ride. With starboard in direction to the historic city of Köpenick, the steamboat chugs along the Müggel hills and past Plänterwald and Treptower Park.


One of the leading sights of Berlin Köpenick is the baroque palace, in which in former times Frederic I. took his own son to court charged with desertion. Today it is a popular museum of arts and crafts.
Apart from that, even enthusiastics of Venice get their money's worth in Köpenick. Neu-Venedig in the urban district Rahnsdorf fascinates because its residents paddle on boats through the tiny canals from door to door.
With its various cultural and recreational offerings, the district Berlin Köpenick has become one of the most popular excursion destinations in Berlin in the last decades.



Perhaps one of the most prominent residents of  all times in Köpenick was Friedrich Wilhelm Voigt ( born on February 13, 1848 in Tilsit and died on January 3, 1922 in Luxembourg), better known as the Captain from Köpenick.
He bought parts of a captain's uniform at flea markets, collected them and afterwards he self-assuredly marched into the city hall of Köpenick where he  then exercised his full "power": he didn't only had the mayor arrested, but he also made the employees pay him out the whole city treasury "in the name of the majesty". He signs the receipt with the last name of his last prison governour.
This sensational mixture of charm, wit and shamelessness helped to make him become an inmortal literary figure.
Today, in front of the city hall of Köpenick we can find a commemorative plaque and statue in his honour.


vacation apartment in Berlin Köpenick has an optimal traffic connection to the city centre of Berlin. The S-Bahn line S3 takes 15 min to reach Ostbahnhof. Moreover, mobility is also guaranteed by the tram routes Tram 60, Tram 61, Tram 62, Tram 63, Tram 67 and Tram 68.

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