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Vacation Apartment Berlin Friedrichshain

A vacation apartment in Berlin Friedrichshain is a good starting point to experience one of the most popular trendy districts of former East Berlin. If you start at Alexanderplatz and travel in easterly direction, you will pass the Karl-Marx-Allee.  It is a quite impressive boulevard and arterial road of Berlin Friedrichshain. This street, planned shortly after the  founding of the GDR, initially was named Stalinallee and with its apartment buildings, that were planned as worker's palaces,  it is an imposing example for the architecture of socialist classicism.  On June 5th 1953 this street was an important focus of the  workers' rebellion.

Just as the neighbor districts Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg, Berlin Friedrichshain is also famous for its urban living culture. Rents at a good price and a vital  lifestyle already attracted a wide range of people.

In Friedrichshain old-established people meet artists or students that have just moved into this area. Thus, during the last years, for example, a complex nightlife with innumerable bars, pubs and restaurants has been developing round the Simon-Dach-Straße. The main attraction for those seeking for entertainment, however, might be the quite new O2 World.  With a capacity of at maximum 17.000 music or sport fans, it is the second-biggest multipurpose hall in Germany.  If you are a guest in a vacation apartment in Berlin Friedrichshain, you should make some time for a walk or for a ride with the elevated railway of the metro line U1.

The East-Side-Gallery, with 1,3 km the longest preserved part of the Berlin wall, is a very popular spot for many visitors of Berlin. Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, many artists immortalized their graffiti arts on the barren concrete slabs. Today the East-Side-Gallery is often called the "biggest open-air-gallery of the world". If you walk along the East-Side-Gallery in easterly direction you will get to the imposing and rebuilt Oberbaumbrücke.  This bridge crosses the river Spree in direction of Kreuzberg and it offers an interesting view over the city of Berlin. The bridge in neo-gothic style consists of two  planes: On the lower one runs the traffic, and on the upper one you'll find the rails of the metro line U1, which in this part is an overhead railway. The outlook on the right side makes the guest glance at the main building of "Universal Music" that has just moved to Berlin. On the former harbour attic you can now see the luminous letters of this music corporation. If you stay on the other side of the river Spree, close to Friedrichshain, it is worth to make a short trip to the overhead train station Warschauer Straße, that has been redeveloped in a manner true to the original; or to visit the "Oberbaum-City" nearby, which is an unused  industry complex of the former factory of electric bulbs Narva.

The district Berlin Friedrichshain was - like the district Kreuzberg - named after a green space of the same name. As it was constructed in 1840, the Friedrichshain is considered the first public park in Berlin. Beside the numerous playing fields and lawns for sunbathing, there exists a wide range of sporting activities and many playgrounds. The two Bunkerberge can be used as observation platforms. The peninsula Stralau  is the oldest part of the district Berlin Friedrichshain. It is considered a development area and today it appears to be an unusual collage of historical industry ruins, newly-built apartments, an old village centre and idyllic green spaces.

If you rent a vacation apartment in Berlin Friedrichshain, you are perfectly connected with the  east-west axis of the S-Bahn (German: suburbian train) - S3, S5, S7, S75, S9. It runs from the centre of the city (Mitte) across the district Berlin Friedrichshain. The lines of the ring trains (S41/S42) and the line S8 guarantee the connection in direction north-south (Prenzlauer Berg, Neukölln and Airport Schönefeld).
Along the Karl-Marx-Allee runs the metro line U5 in direction to Kreuzberg and with the U1 you get further to the west. The Ostbahnhof is one of the most important long-distance train stations of Berlin.

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