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Vacation Apartments in Berlin Charlottenburg

Someone who decides to rent a vacation apartment in Berlin Charlottenburg will experience a traditionally burgeois district of Berlin, which, at the cut surface from past to future, invites you to various discoveries. In times of the division of Berlin, the district Charlottenburg was considered the centre of West Berlin, because  a large part of the city landmarks were located here. 
The importance of the district due to its central situation,  is still valid today.  With the reunification of the divided city, however, Charlottenburg has lost its privileged position and is now one of many centres of Berlin that  establish the complexity of the city with its many faces. Nevertheless, Charlottenburg with its references from the past and the present  leaves its mark on the cityscape in a very special way.

The Kurfürstendamm, that with its various shops can be considered one of the most important shopping precincts of Berlin and that can also be a significant point of reference for choosing  a vacation apartment,  forms the heart of the district Berlin. It flanks the Breitscheidplatz with the Kaiser-Wilhelm memorial church, that after its destruction in the Second World War  has been preserved as a ruin and  from 1957 unti 1963 was completed with a new building situated next to it.
Not far from the memorial church there is the famous department store "KaDeWe" with its impressive offering. Another centre of the district Charlottenburg is the Savignyplatz, which is situated to the west of the Breitscheidplatz near the Kantstraße. The Savignyplatz with its cafés and restaurants has been a popular meeting point for artists and writers since the 1920's. Thus, it offers a favourable situation for a vacation appartment in Berlin Charlottenburg.

The Technical University as one of the three big universities of Berlin is situated in Charlottenburg. Its campus extends over the whole Ernst-Reuter-Platz.. Especially guest lecturers or university applicants  often rent a vacation apartment here. A bit further to the west  the  exhibition and congress hall (ICC) is situated on an extended exhibition centre.  The radio tower that can be found here, is one of the most famous landmarks of the city of Berlin. Its platform offers a breathtaking view over the western city centre. Shortly before you reach the border to Spandau you can find the Olympic Stadion of 1936 that has been costly restored. And next to it, there is the Waldbühne, which is a popular spot for concerts and big events in the country. With about 20.000 seats it is one of the biggest open-air theatres in Europe and an important centre of attraction for the vacation apartments in Berlin Charlottenburg.

A very lovely place for a vacation apartment in Charlottenburg is the historical part of the district, which had been an independent and prosperous city until 1920. The castle of Charlottenburg, whose beautiful park invites you to stay a while, is situated in this part. In the south, directly adjoining, you can find the Schlossstrasse with the Brohan museum with its design, art and  jewelry fro the time of the turn of the century and the elegant construction "Stülerbau" that hosts the collection of Heinz Berggruen with paintings of van Gogh, Picasso and Klee.

Vacation apartments in Charlottenburg also offer a great starting point for discover the other districts of Berlin. The S-Bahn rail (German: suburbian train) with its lines S3, S5, S7, S75 and S9 crosses Charlottenburg from the station Zoologischer Garten until the ICC exhibition centre.  The metro lines U", U9 and the ring line of the S-Bahn (S 41/ S42) increase the traffic network in volume.  Since 2006 the station Zoologischer Garten, in former times the central station of West Berlin, is a regional station. North of the exhibition centre you find the Central Bus Station (ZOB). And the airport Tegel borders on this district in the north, too.

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