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Bus & Train

Public Transportation Network


10 metro and 16 S-Bahn lines, as well as 22 tram and 196 bus lines are available throughout the whole week and almost around the clock. Except the metro line U4, you can travel with the metro lines at any time – however, mostly by bus in the night time, which then drive at intervals of 15-30 minutes.

The S-Bahn lines (German for: Suburban railway) are just as frequently driven, as metro lines. However, during the week, they mostly stop their service between 1 and 4 o'clock and are not replaced by buses, either, during this time.

Besides the metro and S-Bahn, Berlin possesses also a densely developed tram and bus network. 22 tram lines stretch out over nearly 190km, with almost 800 stops. For comparison: The trams in Berlin cover a daily distance, which equates 1.3 times of the circumference of the earth. That is nothing compared to the distance the 1,300 busses in Berlin cover a day. In total this route equates about 8 times of the circumference of the earth.

Since December 2004 a rapid transit network has been integrated in Berlin, containing rapid transit bus and tram lines. Those drive daily at more frequent intervals. One can distinguish these from general lines by the M in the line identification (e.g.: M17)

Thus, you don't have to worry about wasting too much time on waiting during the night time or on holidays for a bus to come, because Berlin is very well developed, so that one gets ahead ideally.

Also ferries belong to the public transportation network and can be used with a simple ticket of the BVG. 6 ferry lines cruise the waterways of the city and 3 even throughout the whole year. Amongst others, they drive along the famous Wannsee, the Kleine Müggelsee and the Spree.

More information about concrete connection possibilities by means of the public transportation you can find under:




Rates and Tickets


The rates are defined by the Verkehrsbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB – German for: transport association Berlin-Brandenburg). This has the advantage that you can travel through Berlin and Brandenburg with only one ticket, but with means of transportations of different transportation companies.

Berlin is subdivided into three different sectors (in German: Tarifbereich), which is important to consider when buying a ticket. Sector A contains the whole inner city within the circle line (S-Bahnring). Outside this ring until the city limit sector B is located. Sector C is defined by the surroundings of Berlin – until around 15km from the border – including Schönefeld Airport and Potsdam. The Public Transportation Route Network can be found at every station and in every means of transport and also shows in which sectors each station and stop is located.

You can buy combined tickets for the different sectors, depending on where you want to use the public transport. Those tickets can combine the sectors AB, BC or ABC. Children at the age of 6 to 14 age travel with discount, children younger than 6 travel free of charge.

Further information about rates and tickets you can obtain in one of the many selling points of the BVG and S-Bahn. Moreover, you can purchase these at the automats on each station all around the clock. Those are available at different languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish and Polish) and have a very simple menu navigation.

Regular Rate* Extract:


Single Ticket AB
Short Trip Ticket
Day Ticket AB
7-Day-Ticket AB
Small Group Ticket AB (max. 5 Persons)
4-Trip Ticket AB
€   2,70
€   1,70
€   7,00
€ 30,00
€ 17,30
€   9,00

 *(price list subject to change)


Escort Service of BVG and S-Bahn

Sadly, this is unique in Europe: The BVG and S-Bahn offer an escort service to every passenger with constrained mobility or those that wish for orientation guidance. This service can be used during the whole week from 9 to 22 o’clock. Nevertheless, it is necessary to order it via telephone at least one day earlier.
Telephone number: 0049 / 30 / 25 414 414 (reachable Monday till Friday between 9 and 16 o’clock).


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