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Berlin Zehlendorf


The District Zehlendorf

In the course of the combination of the communities Zehlendorf, Nikolassee and Wannsee with the rural districts Dahlem, Kleinglienicke and the Pfaueninsel, as well as a part of the rural district Potsdam in the year 1920 the district Zehlendorf has been established. In 2001, in the course of the administrative district reformation it has finally been consolidated with Steglitz into the greater district Steglitz-Zehlendorf.

With the appealing vicinity of the lake Wannsee and the Grunewald it is no wonder that Zehlendorf is a very popular living neighbourhood in Berlin. Thus, it is equally less surprising to know that Zehlendorf possesses one of the most exclusive residential areas.


Zehlendorf includes several smaller shopping zones, that are spread over the central areas of the district. Thus, for example the little shopping mall Zehlendorfer Welle in the Clayallee has just been opened and includes mainly stores of widely known labels, such as Saturn and C&A. Nevertheless, who doesn't want to miss a “real shopping experience” is provided with a direct transport connection to the best shopping zones and malls of Berlin.


The district does not have the most diverse club offering of Berlin, but i- as already mentioned - it possesses a very good connection to the city centre by means of local transport. Thus, the Zehlendorf inhabitants and visitors have the possibility to enjoy the idyll of the district and equally to get in the areas of the metropolis that never sleep.

Nevertheless, the club A18 with its diverse program is located in Zehlendorf in the Wasgenstraße. It is mainly organized and administered by students and guarantees a sound event offering for young party friends. The A18 is open every evening from 18 o’clock. Who is interested can watch the News of the ARD at 20 o’clock, before the party starts. Every Monday the “Monday Soul Night” takes place there, whereas other days host karaoke parties as well as concerts from divers newcomer bands. Furthermore, numerous semester parties as well as the annual Octoberfest, a Halloween party and poker evenings are included into the program.

Culture & Entertainment

The Allies Musuem in the Clayallee documents the presence of the Allied Forces in Berlin from the year 1945 until their final leave in 1994. Occasional events and discussions regarding certain historical happenings complete the permanent exhibition. The museum further made it its business to preserve and study the many material evidences that have been left by the Allies. On the museum area also the Memorial “The Day The Wall Came Down” of the American artist Veryl Goodnight is standing. The monument displays wild horses that jump over the fallen wall of Berlin.

The house of the Wannsee conference in the street  Am Großen Wannsee is the building, in which on 20th January 1942 15 high ranking agents of several NSDAP and SS ministries discussed the cooperation of the planned displace and murder of the European Jews. Today it is opened for visitors and it documents mainly the preliminary history, the process and the aftermaths of the National Socialism through the permanent exhibition “Wannsee-Conference and the genocide of the European Jews”.

The open-air museum Domäne Dahlem in the Königin-Luise-Straße provides the visitor with an insight into the history and present of agricultural progressions, as well as rural areas. Throughout the whole year the agrarian historical museum offers an extensive range around the agrarian economy. Also the harvest home is well visited, as well as the advent market each year.

Further quite impressive is the St. Annen-Church in the Königin Luise Straße. It is presumed that the old village church Dahlem has been built between the years 1215 and 1255. In the course of the following centuries the old building has constantly been extended and upgraded. The strong damages the tower and bell frame had suffered from during the World War II could be removed until the year 1963. The special treasures, however, one can find in the interior room: the Altar picture originates from the 15th century, whereas also impressive wall paintings from the second half of the 14th century hang there which belong to the most considerable ones of Berlin and Brandenburg.

The museum Village Drüppel is an open-air museum on about 8ha, where a medieval village with its agricultural land has been recreated. Archeological findings, simple trades and agricultural progresses were coeval resources to recreate this village in a way so that one could relative surely predicate that it has looked like this about 800 years ago. Furthermore, voluntary employees demonstrate agricultural activities, as well as trades and keep re-reared pet species and already long-time forgotten agricultural crops. This way the visitor gains a quite authentic and vivid impression of the past. However, the museum Village Düppel is not open all year long. The season normally is between March and October and then mostly on Thursdays, Sundays and holidays, as well as to diverse special events  and the museum is accessible through the entrance at the Clauerstraße.

In the Königin-Luise-Straße the entrance to the Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem is located. The incomparable collection now already exists since more than 100 years. With the botanical garden as an extension also exhibitions are presented that offer a deep insight into the floristics and paleo-botany. In the botanical museum further a specialised library is located with about 250,000 titles.

Also the old, very impressive mansion of the Jewish Berliner painter Max Liberman is located in Zehlendorf in the Colomierstraße. After it has been deprived by the National Socialists and gone through various restructurings, eventually in 1995 it has been listed as a historical monument. In 2002 the building has been renovated and its around 7,000m² wide garden was reconstructed. Today it is also open for visitors and includes numerous paintings that have been created there by the artist, as well as documents and photographs.

Not only regionally the Museum for Asian Art in the Landstraße enjoys a high reputation. The exhibited collections of artworks from the Indo-Asian cultural area belong to the most considerable worldwide.

The Hunting Lodge Grunewald in Zehlendorf is one of the oldest still remained castle buildings of the city. Since its reopening in 2009 it appears in new glory. There diversified hunting weapons and facilities are exhibited and the visitor can also trace the history of the courtly hunting.


Sport & Recreation

As Zehlendorf is located very idyllically and possesses much green space, the inhabitants and visitors are provided with diverse possibilities for recreation and sportive leisure activities. The renter of a vacation apartment in this Berlin district enjoys the proximity to many park and green areas – quasi in spitting distance. You might almost forget that you are located in a metropolis.

Especially recommendable is also a walk through the Glienicker Park at the Königstraße. It is listed as a cultural heritage by the UNESCO since 1990 together with the Glienicke Castle, which together are regarded as an architectonic and landscape gardening holistic artwork. Since the 19th century it has been in caring hands that cared for the park to become such an important area for Berlin. The castle is open for visitors annually from May until October and offers guided tours, as well as changing exhibitions.

One of the most beautiful destinations of the capital is the Pfaueninsel in Zehlendorf (an Iiland). Its very ancient tree population and walking paths take the visitors back to the year 2000 B.C. and form this area into an unforgettable experience. The 76ha wide country park belongs to the foundation “Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg” (German for: Prussian castles and gardens Berlin-Brandenburg) and it's further listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage. One gets best on the island by a ferry, that lands at the end of the Pfaueninselchaussee. 

The open-air bath Wannsee at the eastern waterside of the big lake Wannsee (Großer Wannsee) is one of the biggest inland lake baths in Europe. It is now more than 100 years old and possesses a more than 1km long sandy beach and a nudist beach. Furthermore, a slide complex and beach volleyball as well as football fields cater for a lot of diversification. Moreover, the visitors are provided with a boat rental and many gastronomic offerings on the area. Also the hygienic condition is excellent.

Eat & Drink

High quality cuisine welcomes the guest in the restaurant Diekmann in the Chalet Suisse in the Clayallee. It is quite simple with a Swiss-peasant flair and together with the beer garden and patio it has a long tradition as a restaurant operation. When the weather is nice, also Jazz concerts are hosted on a regular basis on the patio.

Quite well accessible by boat and bus is the Pavillon Stölpchensee, which already is a favoured destination since 1960. The very diversified cuisine as well as the neighbouring garden patio is more than promising. Who wants to take a little walk will easily reach the very impressive church of the former village Stolpe from there.

Local Transport

The district is quite well connected to the other Berlin districts especially through the S-Bahn (German for: Suburban railway) lines S1 and S7. Last one leads through Westkreuz – an important junction and direct connection to the circle lines S41 and S42 – and finally eastwards over Ostkreuz until the north-east of Berlin to Ahrensfelde. Furthermore, the S1 travels through the city centre to the north and even into the state Brandenburg. The subway lines U3 further offers a direct and fast connection to the western inner city.

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