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Berlin Wilmersdorf


The District Wilmersdorf

After the in Wilmersdorf resident farmers have sold their possessions, the former agricultural areas have developed into a representative exclusive residential area. In the course of the development of Berlin finally also Wilmersdorf adopted a very fast urban development. The marks of the exalted social classes that settled there are still existent.  This is especially visible through its pompous and generously designed housings in the district. Into these mansions and spacious apartments mainly the well-heeled class of population moves in. Large lakes, green spaces, one family houses and smaller shops are provided for a  rather exalted clientele and characterize this rather untypical urban neighbourhood. Wilmersdorf is considered rich and conservative – now a very gentrified district.


The Berlin district Wilmersdorf shares with Charlottenburg one of the most popular shopping streets of Berlin – the Kurfürstendamm. There every shopping enthusiast will find a quite exclusive and multifaceted shopping offering, as well as a wide range of restaurants and cafés. 

At the Fehrbelliner Platz on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 16 o’clock a unique art and flea market opens. Beside simple used household articles also high quality art and antiques can be found there.


The Pariser Straße in Wilmersdorf is especially popular among the younger party generation. Tightly packed the diverse bars, pubs and restaurants, are as well as famous clubs. Particularly in summer this street is well visited, when the party is relocated into open air.

Jazz-enthusiasts are often lured into the Badensche Hof with an included restaurant in the Badensche Straße. The music café offers a high quality program with live concerts from international interprets all year long nearly every day of the week.

Well known throughout Berlin is also the Q-Dorf in the Joachimsthaler Straße. The Club lures a quite diversified audience due to its likewise diversified program. Most guests are in the average age of 20. The very well visited party-location with its comprehensive music repertoire is open almost the whole week.

You can partiy quite exclusively in the Maxxim in the Joachimsthaler Straße. The clientele that comes to dance to electronic music throughout the night, sets value on a quite stylish dresscode. The entrance and drink prices are relatively high for Berlin. Thus, one should keep around €10 ready for the entrance.

Culture & Entertainment

Quite characteristic for the multiculturalism of Berlin is the district further due to its remaining marks of many religious communities. Thus, on the one hand in the Brenner Straße the Wilmersdorf Mosque is located which is the most ancient mosque in Germany. During the middle 1920's it has been built and possesses 32m high minarets and a cupola of 26m height. In the hall about 400 people can take their seats. On the other hand, during the 1930's in Wilmersdorf the Christi-Resurrection-Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Christians has established. Today the basilica is located at the Hohenzollerndamm. Furthermore, the former Jewish parish hall resides at the place of the Synagogue that has been inaugurated in 1912 and completely burned out in the course of the Crystal Night in 1938. Today the old porch, a memorial stone for the killed Jews in the Holocaust, as well as a sculpture of a damaged Torah commemorate the former parish hall.

The Haus der Berliner Festspiele (German for: House of the Berlin Festival) in Wilmersdorf surely characterizes the culture of Berlin. Located in the Schaperstraße, it hosts the diverse annually happening Berlin Festival. 1963 it has been inaugurated as the Theater der Freien Volksbühne and today it's a listed building – in nearly unchanged condition.

In the Schaperstraße in Wilmersdorf cabaret and gastronomy unify in the "Bar Jeder Vernunft". In the old dance tent one gets the enjoyment of a mixed program offering from comedy, cabaret and chanson. The most diversified, and partly nationwide well-known, artists have already performed here and helped the house earn its reputation as “Olymp of the art”. Thus, also Michael Mittermeier had one of his first larger performances – outside of Bavaria – here.

The fact that Berlin is reputed a theatre city is also due to the Schaubühne Am Lehniner Platz – a former cinema from the 1920's at the Kurfürstendamm. With its demanding and quite miscellaneous program it does not only lure theatre enthusiasts from Berlin.

Sport & Recreation

The Berliners appreciate going on an excursion into the Grunewald in the west of Wilmersdorf, especially because one quickly forgets about the location being situated in a metropolis. The hill Teufelsberg in the Grunewald forest has been established from debris from the World War II and is considered one of the highest hills of the city with 56m height – thus, it  possesses a breathtaking view over the Havel lakes right until Potsdam. From there many hiking trails lead into different directions. Furthermore, the well-known forest area possesses several lakes, like the Grunewald lake.

Above the roofs of Berlin the Solf Sauna in the Bundesallee offers various possibilities for recreation. It has been equipped with a wellness bath, sauna and sunbaths, massage and fitness areas, as well as a restaurant for the well-being of its guests.

Ice-skating fans are recommended to visit the Horst-Dohm-Stadion in the Fritz-Wildung-straße in Wilmersdorf. The season starts here in the beginning of October 2009 and ends in March 2010.

Eat & Drink

The Klassikschallplatten-Café Horenstein in the Fechnerstraße definitely provides for a seduction of senses. Continuously they play records. Furthermore, one may browse through a part of the record collection and also buy some. Very popular among the guests is also the tart offering, which is provided by a Berlin traditional confectionery. In an ambiance of the 1950's and 60's one might almost forget the time.

Real, prototypical Berlin cuisine can be enjoyed in the Xantener Eck in the Xantener Straße. Since 1907 this house remained true to its concept and traditions. Besides an extensive menu and the high quality ingredients that are guaranteed, the Xantener Eck further offers a selection of 12 different draught beers from world-wide well known breweries. Here as well, on Sundays the famous brunch buffet is offered.

Local Transport

The subway lines U3, U7 and U9 as well as the S41 and S42 of the circle line provide for the most important local transport lines through and around the district Wilmersdorf. The most important junctions, such as the Zoologischer Garten, Südkreuz and Westkreuz are located in spitting distance. Thus, also the renters of a vacation apartment in Berlin-Wilmersdorf have the possibility to quickly get to all directions – even until the state Brandenburg.

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