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Berlin Tempelhof


The District Tempelhof

The district Tempelhof has its origin in the foundation of a little street village in the year 1247. The name “Tempelhof” can be explained with the founder of the village, the Tempelorden. Together with the local centres Marienfelde, Mariendorf and Lichtenrade, Tempelhof acted as the name giver of the newly formed district that has been suburbanized to Greater Berlin in 1920. Until the merger with Schöneberg in 2001, Tempelhof formed an independent administrative district.

Until the beginning of the 20th century Tempelhof was rather sparsely populated. Thanks to an economic boom, made possible through the establishment of the Teltowkanal in 1906, the district could get a fast increase of its population density. Since the building of the Airport Tempelhof the district developed rapidly into a highly populated area. Nevertheless, the inner centre expresses the peace and unobtrusiveness of an outlying district. This provides for a quiet life style, apart of the typical metropolis life, within spitting distance to the trendy neighbourhoods Kreuzberg and Schöneberg.


The shopping mall Tempelhofer Hafen is not one of the biggest in Berlin, but it offers quite a diversity for a little shopping tour with about 70 stores on about 20,000m². Furthermore, it is nicely located directly at the harbour of the Teltowkanal, which suits perfectly for a little walk.

The Tempelhofer Damm provides the inhabitants of Tempelhof with diversified offerings to go shopping. In this main street that is several kilometres long, various shops are tightly integrated. There is actually nothing you can’t get there.


The Amber Suite in the building Ullsteinhaus at the Tempelhofer Damm provides the party people from 27 years with a quite exclusive ambiance to party. Who arrives before 9pm on Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays even gets free entrance in this historic location. For every guest it is, however, important to consider the dresscode: “chic” and “beautiful” are the conditions to pass the bouncers. Who made it will receive an impressive party zone from the restaurant, to the lounge, up until the dance club and the historical patio. The location is, thus, ideal to get away from the daily life for a few hours.

Endless events in the fields of Rock, Punk, Rock’n’Roll is offered by the Silver Wings Club at the Columbia Damm on 2 floors. Besides the legendary parties, like the “Eis am Stiel Party” on Saturdays, also diverse live concerts take place there.

Culture & Entertainment

The historical airport Tempelhof is responsible for the economic boom in the district, but entails the strict handwriting of the National Socialist architect Albert Speer. It is one of the biggest airports with one of the biggest buildings of the world. During the Berlin Blockade in 1948/49 the airport became the lifeline for West Berlin. The memorial "Luftbrückendenkmal" (airlift memorial) is worth seeing and today reminds of the candy bomber, through which America and England have sustained the catering. Since 2008 the airport is closed and now serves as a location for several events. 

Between the years 1949 and 1990 about 4 million people have left the GDR to the direction of the FRG, from which 1.35 millions have passed the emergency accommodation in Marienfelde. In the, establishment, founded in 1953, the refugees have been accommodated and the first procedures instituted to get their residence authorisation for the FRG. The memorial place “Notaufnahmelager Marienfelde” today reminds of the reasons, the progress and the causes of this escape actions in form of an exhibition. Furthermore it is engaged in finding the reasons why several people have made the decision to escape from the GDR, how they could overcome the border and how the"Golden West" has welcomed them.

The Ullsteinhaus is considered a landmark of Tempelhof. Back then the building opposite the Tempelhof harbour at the Teltowkanal was the residence of the Ullstein publisher for publishing and printing purposes. During the Third Reich the building has been renamed into “Deutsches Haus” due to its Jewish origin. After the middle of the 1990's it has been extended by a new building. Today the Ullsteinhaus includes mainly diverse service enterprises.


Sport & Recreation

The district is richly drawn through by bigger and smaller parks and green spaces that underline the peaceful living in Tempelhof.

Skater might be well off in the Skatepark Marienfelde. Most skaters would rather not call it the best place to be, but it still includes all basics that are needed for skating. Furthermore, the half pipe is also suitable for bikers.

The Alboin Square was located in a quite dark forest back then. After the Ice Age a lake arose, that today still is called “Blanke Helle”. The legend says that the goddess Hel gave a priest a big black bull that appeared from the deepness of the lake. A memorial in form of such a bull at the southern edge of the lake today reminds of this story. It has been created with limestone by the sculptor Paul Meersmann in the year 1938 and in total it's 7.5m high. The lake is located in a quite neat park with a playground that is surrounded by benches. The park might surely be inviting for a little trip.

More parks in Tempelhof are the Alte Park, Bose Park, Lehne Park, Francke Park, Volkspark Mariendorf, as well as the Frankepark, whereas the last one includes (besides a small lake, sunbathing areas and a playground) also a vivarium. Those renters of a holiday apartment in the district Tempelhof of Berlin will, thus, quickly find a park near by to go for a walk or for recreation.

The Marienhöhe is located in the triangle of the streets Arnulf-Straße, Attilastraße and Röblingstraße. The hill is situated on Germany’s first debris mountain that was formed in 1949. Today not only the inhabitants of Tempelhof like to walk there through the mixed forest on the Marienhöhe, but it is also a popular local recreation area for other Berliners and Brandenburgers. On the highest point in 75m height also the trigonometric point Rauenberg is located which since 1976 is the central point for the main German triangulation network and from which all official station points emanate from.

Eat & Drink

The Antik-Stuben in the Kunigundeneck in the Kunigundenstraße with the appendant gallery “Kunst und Genuss” (German for: Art and Enjoyment) is a mix of bar, restaurant, flea market and art gallery. On the ground floor the eating place with German cuisine is located, which additionally is a bar as well. The whole establishment is decorated with curios and antiques. Furniture, musical instruments, pictures and odds and sods partly are also purchaseable and guests bringing such antiquarian or nostalgic objects with them are always welcomed.

Since more than 130 years the family business and Restaurant Reisel is located in the street Alt-Lichtenrade. The affectionately leaded typical German cuisine is not the only highlight of the location. Furthermore, once in a month smaller events take place there, such as cabaret, theatre or chanson performances. The restaurant is open every Tuesday till Sunday.

Local Transport

The district Tempelhof is mainly made accessible by the metro line U6 and the S-Bahn (Suburban railway) line S2 that travel through the district and the inner city up to the north until the state Brandenburg. Furthermore, the S-Bahn lines of the circle line (S41/42) travel through Tempelhof and connect the inhabitants and their visitors with the west and the east of the city.

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