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Berlin Steglitz


The District Steglitz

The development of Steglitz, today local district of the administrative district Steglitz-Zehlendorf, is related to the same named Prussian village. The connection to the railway line between Berlin and Potsdam in 1838 provided for a considerable increase of the economy and the population.  When greater Berlin developed, Steglitz was suburbanized as an independent administrative district and finally – in the course of the administrative reform in 2001 – merged with Zehlendorf.

The centre of the district is formed by the Schlossstraße. Around this centre the – for Southern Berlin  typical - mix of diverse residential neighbourhoods can be observed. Periphery neighbourhoods, mansion areas and the neighbourhoods near the inner city determine the townscape that is richly drawn through by green space. Though, the nightlife possibilities are not quite developed, as they are in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, for example, but they are high in quality.


The 1.7km long Schloßstraße forms the centreline of the district and at the same time, it's one of the most popular shopping zones of Berlin. In 1900 it was already established into a modern main road. Today numerous shops reside here, that together determine the life and frequency in the Schloßstraße.

In the same street also the unique shopping mall is located, the Schloss. On four floors and a total area of 36,000m² more than 90 shops, gastronomic establishments and leisure facilities are integrated here. Not much smaller with a total area of 32,000m² is the Forum Steglitz, which is located in the Schloßstraße, as well. 

With the most diversified range of natural ware throughout Berlin the Natural-Store Steglitz  provides a total area of 4,000m² and a nearly unmanageable selection of fashion, lether ware, shoes and grocery. However, much value is set on pure natural products that derive from biologic cultivation and environmentally friendly production. Furthermore, flavours, anti-degradants, as well as colorants and other irritating additives have been renounced while producing these natural cosmetics. Moreover, the products are handmade and guarantee high quality and a long-life cycle.


Steglitz is less catered to party-people. The district rather relies on a peaceful and solid atmosphere than on loud discotheques. Nevertheless, the party generation that lives in the district, however, does not have a long way to the inner city. Therefore, one has set more value on a relaxing district structure with much space for recreation and an ideal transport connection to the city centre. However, the Schloßstraße includes a lot of bars between the stores for those who don't want to sleep too early and stay within the district.

Culture & Entertainment

The Miniature Museum Aritalex in the Finckensteinallee is absolutely unique and – besides one more in Asia – the only one of its kind. here you can see true to scale selections of interior designs and architecture miniatures. The exhibition mainly reflects the cultural and architectural history between the 14th and the 20th century. The detailed reproduction of the Rococo Castle Sanccoussi is completely furnished and, thus, forms an absolute highlight of the exhibition.

The Wrangelschlösschen – a small castle – in the Schloßstraße with its bordering park is the most precious building of Steglitz. Today the listed building is used for cultural events and belongs to the last still preserved buildings of the Prussian Early Classicism.


Sport & Recreation

The Botanical Garden in Steglitz is the most species-rich one all over Europe and it's located in the Königin-Luise-Straße. In 1909 the 43ha wide park was opened and today with 20,000 plants invites you to take a walk through four continents. Equipped with 16 huge greenhouses it also offers  the possibility to get impressed by the flora in the wintertime.

Name giver of the Bäke-Park is the same named river, that arises to the south of the hill Fichtenberg and flows through the district’s underground. The Bäkepark forms the root, from which the Bäke comes and flows further on the surface to finally issue into the Teltowkanal. The main usage of the area is defined by joggers, walkers, as well as cyclists.

The extensive public park Lankwitz is located near the Malteserstraße. There the visitor will find some vivaria with – amongst others – parrots, game, goats and sheeps. Furthermore the park is bordered by a sports ground. Opposite of the lake one will find a little hill that is used as a toboggan run during wintertime and as a sunbathing area during the summer. Additionally, the little ones have the possibility to play on the playground that is also located there.

Furthermore, the park Steglitz also includes an extensive green space with a lake, garden and grass landscape. Through the 2 artificial lakes one gets a great variety of water birds. During summertime a rose garden blooms on the area, too. In combination with the music pavilion for every visitor of Berlin Steglitz  it becomes the place to go to.

The summer bath "Am Insulaner" at the Munsterdamm opens every summer and offers a balanced leisure facility for the whole family. It includes a 50m long swimmers’ pool with 1, 3 and 5m high springboard. The little ones are welcomed with a huge nonswimmers’ pool with a baby pool and a slide, as well as a playground.

The ice rink Lankwitz in the Leonorenstraße is equipped with gastronomic facilities, so that the ice-skating trip gets complete.

Eat & Drink

A real insider tip is the "Bistro le Café" with its changing art exhibitions in the Schloßstraße.  It is situated hidden in a traditional old building apartment of Berlin with an equally traditional interior so that one gets the feeling that the time here stood still about 100 years ago. Moreover, a patio is located in the backyard.

The old railway control centre of the Station Lichterfelde Ost could been saved from demolition and could be preserved by a generous payment. Since the year 2005 it is located here at the Kranoldplatz – the Café/Restaurant Stellwerk, which offers a diversified menu with international cuisine and a brunch on Sundays. Furthermore, every first Sunday of a month Jazz concerts take place here with international artists that will even play on the in-house summer patio on warm summer days. 

Local Transport

On the one hand, Steglitz is connected to the western part of the inner city by the subway line U9 that starts in the district and travels further to the northern direction. On the other hand, the S-Bahn (German for: suburban railway) lines S2 and S25 travel through the inner city over the north-west, as well as north-east until the state Brandenburg. Also the S-Bahn line S1 leads from the northern Oranienburg through the centre over Steglitz, until Potsdam in Brandenburg.

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