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Berlin Spandau


The District Spandau

Since 1920 Spandau already is a part of Berlin. Still, a journey to the western district is like a visit to a completely different area. Also Berliners themselves view this district as a real contrast to the typical big city life. Due to the mostly well preserved old buildings, many wide green and forest areas and an historic centre that couldn't be more beautiful, Spandau completely sets itself apart from the other districts of Berlin.

Renters of a vacation apartment in Berlin Spandau enjoy – beside historical sights that go back to early centuries – a miscellaneous and sheer endless recreational offering.


The historic centre of Spandau is characterized by the weekly market. This is surrounded by a pedestrian area that – through a wide shop front – invites you for an extensive shopping tour. Since the establishment of the Spandau Arcades the shops in the historic centre have suffered from a constant competition pressure. However, quickly the contrast between the tradition of these small private shops and the quite commercial shopping mall became apparent, so that many shopping fans combine both.

The Spandau Arcades include a shop area of about 33,000m² with ca. 125 stores. Next to the typical shops and gastronomic establishments one can expect in such shopping malls, also a bowling centre resides there.

The annual highlight of Spandau is formed by the Spandau Christmas Market during Christmas time – one of the biggest within Europe. During this time of the year, when the whole city is in Christmas fever, the whole historic centre is dominated by about 250 stands, showmen and artisans, and even twice as much on the weekends, where also various extra events and special actions take place..


Some beach bars, such as the Licht- und Luft Bar (Telegrafenweg) and the Beach Club (Altstädter Ring) host spectacular events during the summertime, day and night. The guests get the opportunity to play either beachvolleyball, lay in the sun or have a drink.

In the JWD in the Eiswerderstraße the Rock is home. Besides a few Pop songs that are played to entertain the general public, amongst others also good Rock concerts are listed on the programs that do not only lure the inhabitants of Spandau.

The Ballhaus is located in the Dorfstraße in Spandau and forms a nice mix of music café and rock discotheque. Who can’t  survive the night without loud sounds, is recommended to go there.


Culture & Entertainment

On an island in Berlin-Spandau, where the rivers Spree and Havel merge, a fortress of the Renaissance - the bastille - is located. The building has been established around 1200 together with today's oldest building of the capital – the Julius Tower. Approximately in the middle of the 16th century the extension of the fortress with four bastions has been started by the elector Joachim II. Until the end of World War II the fortress served military purposes, amongst others also as a treasure chamber and prison. Today it's opened for the public 365 days of the year and includes a museum, as well as numerous open-air events, like the Walpurgis Night or the Easter-Knight-Spectaculum. The Renaissance fortress also frequently is the arena for diverse concerts of stars like Silbermond, Korn and ZZ Top, that have performed on the open-air stage of the fortress.

Past the fortress one gets directly to the previously mentioned historic centre of Spandau. Since 1989 it is a pure pedestrian area that still impresses through a brilliant architecture, though it has suffered a lot from the II World War. The most impressive building of this historic centre might be the St-Nikolai-Church at the Reformationsplatz. The gothic building has been built in the 15th century. In 1989 the tower has been finished according to the plans of 1893.

In the beginning of the 14th century the district has been surrounded by a city wall. In the Kolk – the oldest settlement area of Spandau – still remains of the wall can be found.

At the Reformationsplatz, one gets to see the base wall of the Dominican monastery. Furthermore, there 580 graves were found, that laid in many layers upon each other. The oldest grave-finds lead back to the 13th century. Through big windows a visitation of these valuable discoveries has been made possible.


Sport & Recreation

Winter sport enthusiasts are recommended to visit the skating rink Spandau at the Hohenzollerndamm, which is opened annually between October and March. A 1,800m² huge rink offers much space for ice skaters. The service further is determined by rentable high quality skates and the possibility to get your own ones grinded.

Water sportsmen are provided with various possibilities in Spandau – whether it be on boat or while waterskiing, sailboarding or swimming. Especially during summertime Spandau represents a popular holiday destination for those that enjoy being outdoors.

Various extensive grass, forest and water landscapes are perfectly suitable for those that are in need for recreation. Here you will meet various walkers, hikers, rowers, cyclists, swimmers and many more.

Eat & Drink

The list of cafés, bars and restaurants in Spandau is extremely long. Mainly rather traditional concepts could have been realized here. In the old masonry of Spandau you will find idyllic cafés, where the time seems to have stood still.

While walking through the historic centre of Spandau the Altstadt-Café provides a perfect possibility to rest. The idyllic cult-café is located directly beside the Nikolai-Church, at the Reformationsplatz. During the summertime also every 1st Monday of the month various music events are hosted there in the evenings with candle lights.

The BAC’s Diner in the Neuendorfer Straße is completely keeping the interior style of the so-callled American Sports Bar from the 1960's. As a typical American restaurant it is, of course, expected to serve typical American food. The service further is enhanced by the barrier free premises and the many TV devices, as well as the big screen with simulcasts of important sport events.

Ice cream lovers should at least once visit the Florida Ice Café in Spandau at the  Altstädter Ring, as well as in the Klosterstraße. It is open all year long and whether on the patio or in the light-flooded interior – ice cream gourmets will love this location.

In such a traditionally rich district, like Spandau, a likewise traditional restaurant may not be missed. Since the middle of the 1980's owner Toni Salzberger operates the restaurant Kaiserhof in the Stresowstraße, where he himself cooks and cares for his guests to be best served. Between October and April also Jazzfans get their money’s worth, when every Sunday of the week Jazz concerts are hosted.

In the year 1873 in the Hohen Steinweg a firewarden has been built. Today the family business is operating the Restaurant Kolk in this old building. The very solid regional cuisine also includes the famous pickled knuckle of pork as well as the Königsberger Klopse on the menu, but also diverse other and vegetarian dishes. The ambiance with an idyllic wine garden between the city wall and the water side invites you to relax.

Local Transport

Spandau is mainly made accessible through the subway line U7 as well as the S-Bahn (German for: Suburban railway) line S5 and S75. The U2 travels from Ruhleben (in the eastern border of Spandau) right to the Berlin inner city. The new main station of Spandau (German: Spandauer Hauptbahnhof) is also approached by ICE trains that travel further to the direction of Hannover and Hamburg.

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