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Berlin Reinickendorf


The District Reinickendorf

Berlin visitors who arrive by plane, will most probably first see the Berlin district Reinickendof, as there the biggest airport of the city is located – Berlin Tegel. Formerly, it was a military airport of the French occupation – now it connects the capital mainly with West-Europe and overseas. 

Reinickendorf nowadays is regarded as a first-class neighbourhood, because of its high water and forest constancy. Besides the village idyll that has been kept in many parts since the 19th century, the district has gone through an rapid development due to the industrialisation.

The district is characterised mainly through the many contrasts between industry, nature, village and tower building landscapes. Thus it is understandable that the inhabitants of Reinickendorf derive from just as diversified classes of populations.

Reinickendorf is, however, especially attractive due to its old village centre, which is a favoured destination for many Berliners and visitors already since the 19th century.


The district is further richly drawn through by diverse shopping facilities. The most popular and one of the biggest shopping malls in the vicinity is the Hallen am Borsigturm on the former Borsiggelände. Next to about 120 stores it also includes a cinema, a bowling centre and an indoor-playground.

In the area of Tegel-City the 4th biggest retailing centre of Berlin is located. Thus, also a diversified offering for old and young is ensured. Starting point for this are the Hallen Am Borsigturm. You can continue shopping at the streets Alt-Tegel, Gorkistraße and the Berliner Straße, where you will find – amongst others – a market hall, fashion shops and diverse speciality shops.

Very popular is also the Märkische Zentrum at the Senftenberger Ring. It includes a rich offering of fashion ware, electronics and grocery that are spread over more than 100 shops.

The Residenzstraße is mainly established for the supply for the inhabitants of the immediate vicinity. The shops are rather familiar and friendly. Primarily the atmosphere of this street is characterised by the lake Schäfersee and the Breitkopfbecken, that shall enhance the recreational aspect.


At the Wilhelmsruher Damm in Berlin-Reinickendorf, the American Western Saloon resides. Who identifies himself with that culture and its music style, will love this club. They offer live concerts as well as dance workshops and line-dance parties – everything you need to feel like you're in a western movie.

A quite classic Berlin club, however, is the Nightlife-Tegel together with the Mausefalle-Tegel at the Borsig Tower, where they play Black, House, Dance as well as the all-time favourite Oldies and party hits. Every Friday and Saturday one of their theme evenings, such as the Ladies Night, is listed on the program.

Directly at the Kurt-Schumacher-Damm the drive-in cinema Reinickendorf is located. After extensive renovations it is now open with a 72m² large silver screen since summer 2009.

Culture & Entertainment

Architecturally and historically interested people are recommended to go to the former Borsig area. The area with the listed buildings Borsig tower and Borsig gate form the architectural complete artwork. The combination of historical building fabric of the former locomotive terrain and the new architecture of one of the most modern shopping malls within the city (Hallen Am Borsigturm) make the complex even more interesting.

Near the second largest lake of Berlin – the Tegeler Lake – the former family residence of the von Humboldts is located: Tegel Castle. Today the Family von Heinz resides there, who are the direct descendants of the von Humboldts. After long and still lasting restoration works the listed palace garden is now again accessible for public. There also the family gravesite of the Humboldts has been established in 1829, where Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt found their eternal peace.

About 100m southwards of the Kurt-Schumacher-Platz the memorial “Berlin dankt Frankreich” (German for: Berlin thanks France) can be found . At the place of the former French casern (Cantonment Napoleon) the walkable memorial is located with angled granite pillars, where the colours of the German flag and the tricolour are combined. It has been created by the architect named Max Bill, who wanted to express the solidarity between those two countries.

Visitors interested in the Berlin Wall, are recommended to take a journey to the memorial for the dead at the Berlin Wall. An original piece of the Wall has been placed on a hill. On the floor cobblestones have been placed, which shall display through different colours the dates from the implementation until the fall of the Berlin Wall. At the Wall segment a wooden rood has been attached, with the inscription “Zum Gedenken an die Opfer der Berliner Mauer 13.8.1961 – 9.11.1989!” (German for: “For remembrance of the victims at the Berlin Wall”).

Near the subway station Scharnweberstraße there's the about 10m long bench made of red sandstone – along the course of the former town wall. It's also nicknamed the whisperers bench, as two persons can whisper to each other sitting opposite each other on the two edges of the bench and surprisingly understand everything.

In house number 14 in the first floor of the Karl-Bornhoeffer-Neuropathic-Hospital in the Oranienburger Straße the permanent exhibition with the title “Totgeschwiegen” (German for: Hushed up) is located. By means of diverse pictures and text documents it  tries to project the visitor's thoughts back into the time of the Third Reich and illustrates the cold-hearted intercourse with disabled and mentally ill persons. This exhibition is free of charge.

In 1924 in Berlin Frohnau Dr. Paul Dahlke established the today biggest Buddhist Centre within Western Europe. Back then it was his goal to spread the Buddhist religion throughout Europe, but he failed. Only after 30 years past his death this intention succeeded. 1957 the “German Dharmaduta Society” bought the estate and developed it into what it is today. It possesses a temple, a main building and a library – the “Hememala Wickramasinghe” Library with more than 3,000 works about the teaching and philosophy of the Buddhism, but also various further works of world religions. In the bordering temple not only the monks living there may meditate, but also everybody else is welcome there. Furthermore, diverse seminars, events (e.g. meditations for the advanced and beginners) and presentations are held. For anyone who is interested in Buddhism, this estate definitely is a place to go.

Further, in Tegel the “Dicke Marie” is located, an oak tree, that stands at the Große Malche already since 1192. Hence it is one of the most ancient trees within Berlin.


Sport & Recreation

It's not for nothing that Reinickendorf is called the “Green North of Berlin”. The sport and recreation offerings are endless there. Huge forests and protected landscapes suit perfectly for hiking and cycling. Walkers often are lured to the Tegel lake with its bordering forest and the Greenwhich promenade.

Many waters of Reinickendorf offer the possibility to go on a canoe, motor boat, sailing or rowing boat trip. Concerning the water tourism in Berlin, the Tegel lake is one of the most popular destinations. No matter which age group – here everyone is provided with amusement as well as recreation. The range of national and international restaurants, that partly are directly located at the waterside, make the region especially hospitable.

One of the most popular destinations and extremely rich in tradition for Berliners and visitors is the Greenwich promenade at the Borsigdamm with its boat landing-stages of the passenger ship service. Every year in August here the Reinickendorf festive days take place directly at the lake, amongst others, with a huge firework in the middle of the water.

Those who want to provide an unforgettable trip for their little ones, really are recommended to go to Berlin’s biggest Indoor-leisure-park on 4,000m². The complex is equipped with a bungee-trampoline, go-carts, a 100m long ropeway and a giant tube slide. But also the smaller children have their opportunities here. For example the soft-play area with climbing elements, channel slides, ball pool, soft floors etc. guarantee a huge adventure.

Eat & Drink

The selection of restaurants in Reinickendorf is quite full of contrast. From traditional to modern, from snack bars to high quality gourmet restaurants of all nationalities, nearly everything is available.

As previously already mentioned, the American Western Saloon is located in the district and offers – beside diverse events – typical American food and drinks on its menu. Due to its authenticity one should'nt forget, that here still you have to pay with Euro. Moreover you don't have to remember the few nuggets of the English language you learned in school, because the  waiters here also speak German. Those who neither want to eat, nor to dance, but still don’t want to miss a short trip to America, really should sit down at the AWS tap-table and pour their own beer.

Local Transport

The most important connections to the inner city of Berlin from Reinickendorf are the S-Bahn (German for: Suburban railway) lines S1 and S25, as well as the subway lines U6 and U8. Those also cross the circle lineswith which one gets quickly west- or eastwards. Furthermore, a shuttle bus travels between the airport Tegel and the subway station Kurt-Schmacher-Plats from the subway line U6.

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