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Berlin Prenzlauer Berg


The District Prenzlauer Berg

The appearance of Prenzlauer Berg is still characterized through the wide streets and apartment buildings that developed in the imperial age. The hip district has been suburbanised to Greater Berlin in 1920 and today primarily lures the younger generation, as a lot has changed during the past years. The former workers’ housing area has now developed to a popular neighbourhood of Berlin that lures by a diversified range of shopping and nightlife possibilities.


The shopping centre of Prenzlauer Berg has developed along the S-Bahn (German for: Suburban railway) station Schönhauser Allee and the same named street. The area is well-known and popular for the rather small, autonomous shops, such as second-hand shops and diverse boutiques. Who wants more commercialisation, should go to the Schönhauser Allee Arcaden. The shopping mall includes about 90 stores and gastronomic establishments on 3 floors.

The little smaller Forum Landsberger Allee is located in the same named street and surely satisfies the smaller shopping hunger.

Every Thursday between 12 and 19 o’clock the organic market at the Kollwitzplatz takes place. The vendors offer their bio-products at more than 30 stands for sale – amongst others also fresh fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, one gets meat as well as clothings or cosmetic products that naturally derive from organic production. But also a common weekly market happens every Saturday at the same place.

Furthermore, the organic store of the chain Fresh’n’Friends is located in the Kastanienallee, which is opened 24/7. However, one should consider that this service results in relatively high prices.

Many vacationers don’t survive their holidays when they can’t read at least during their time-off. For those the Saint Georges in the Wörther Straße is recommended. Besides its diversified English book repertoire it also lures through comfortable Chesterfield sofas and the movie night organized on Thursday evenings.

Very popular among young fashion fans is the “Fuck Fashion” in the Schönhauser Allee. This store is not only unbelievably hip, but also extremely friendly and offers a huge selection of clothes for a reasonable price.


Prenzlauer Berg offers a much diversified range of bar streets, clubs and bars. Who enjoys being out at night and wants to mingle, is well-advised in this district. Even bands, such as the Beatsteaks, Rosenstolz or Rammstein – just to list some – have their favourite clubs and bars here among the locations in this Berlin district.

The party zone is located between the previously mentioned Schönhauser Allee and parallel continuing Greifswalder Straße further east. Around the water tower at the Kollwitzplatz is the starting point for all night active people with bars and pubs.

The Knaack in the Greifswalder Straße has been launched in the 1950's as a GDR-Jouth-Home. Today it is a club with cult status, which drifts far away from the general mainstream offerings. Mainly the freshest upcoming bands stand on the stage here ranging from Hip-Hop, Punk to Rock. But also dance and Karaoke parties are part of the program here. The entrance fees range between €1 and €20 – depending on the event and status of bands performing here.

Right behind the Schönhauser Allee a 25,000m² large and very aesthetic listed building complex is situated – the Kulturbrauerei (German for: Culture Brewery). Back then it was the residence of the Schultheiss-Brewery, whereas today it hosts various, very popular Clubs with a variety of program offerings. A very diversified bar scene has developed around the complex with cocktail bars and pubs.

The Beckets Kopf in the Schönhauser Allee truly is an appeal to senses. The interior is absolutely aesthetic, the warm light and the comfortable seats are very cosy. The cocktail creations are artistic and very tasty, whereas your ears are caressed by beautiful sounds of classical music, Jazz, Country, but also Pop or Reggae.

The Kastianienallee hosts the Prater – Berlin’s oldest Beer Garden. Since 1837 it still could keep its charm and is popular among all kinds of people of the Metropolis population – whether it be the chic nouveau-riche, the alternatives, students but also families.

Drum’n’Bass enthusiasts are consistently lured to the Icon in the Eberswalder Straße, which is open from Friday till Wednesday. International DJ-Artists, such as Nightmare on Wax and Grooverider are frequently listed on the program. The entrance fees are reasonable with €3 to €10.

Culture & Entertainment

Germany’s biggest still standing synagogue contains 1,200 seats and stands in the Rykestraße in Prenzlauer Berg. Due to its protective location in a backyard of the district it has survived the Crystal Night in 1938 nearly completely and is still open for the public. The synagogue Rykestraße further offers guided tours on several days, that shall explain the Jewish religion and the history of the culture, as well as the synagogue itself.

Near the Senefelderplatz the Jewish cemetery – namely Jüdischer Friedhof Schönhauser Allee – is located that has primarily been used between 1827 and 1880. Especially during this time, the Jewish population have gone through hard and fateful cultural and political changes that are expressed in this place. However, even after the 19th century still funerals have been organized on this cemetery, such as the one of the painter Max Liebermann in 1935. His grave now is a restored memorial and is located in the back of the area. Right behind the cemetery wall between the Senefelderplatz and the Kollwitzplatz the now restored “Judengang” (German for: Jew Path) is located. A legend says that the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III was bothered by the funeral procession on his journeys to the Castle Niederschönhausen, which is why the Jews’ path has been established apart the Schönhauser Allee. You can see it through a metal gate, in which the Shield of David has been stamped. Really accessible it is only during the “Day of the open Memorial” (German: Tag des Offenen Denkmals), which happens only on the 2nd Sunday of September.

In 1987 in the Prenzlauer Allee the Zeiss-Großplanetarium has been inaugurated, which now is one of the most modern and biggest planetariums throughout Europe. It forms corporate establishment together with the Archenhold-Observatory in the district Treptow. The planetarium's projector is named Cosmorama and forms the heart of the building. It is located in the cupola hall that has a cross section dimension of 23 Meters. However, the hall is universally usable, as the projector stands on a drivable platform and is therefore also sinkable to the basement. The Planetarium is further an event location for presentations about astronomy as well as various radio drama evenings under the starry sky.

Like previously mentioned the building of the former Schultheiss-Brewery – today Kulturbrauerei – is located in the centre of Prenzlauer Berg. Beside diverse clubs and discotheques the complex also includes the centre for cultural life of the district with cinemas, theatres and restaurants. For example RambaZamba performs plays that are cast with mentally disabled artists.


Sport & Recreation

Near the Prenzlauer Allee the Surya Villa is located, an Ayurveda Wellness Centre. There you can get spoiled extensively a whole day long and regain your strength.

On sunny days the inhabitants of Prenzlauer Berg are often lured to the Mauerpark. The name giving wall that stands there is consistently refreshed with new arts by graffiti artists.

Water enthusiasts are recommended to visit the swim and jump centre in the Europa-Sportpark all year long. The extensively equipped bath possesses a nonswimmer pool with a slide and also a padding pool, as well as an area for disabled people with a therapy pool, a swimming pool and a jumping pool.

Eat & Drink

The food and drink locations in Prenzlauer Berg are just as diversified, pleasantly sociable and unconstrained as the inhabitants of the district. Here no celebrity restaurants are spread all over, whereas the quality still isn’t lacking. Most restaurants reside around the Kollwitzplatz, the Helmholzplatz and the water tower as well as in the Oderberger Straße and in the Kastanienallee.

One of the few dark restaurants in Berlin is the Nocti Vagus in the Saarbrücker Straße near the Prenzlauer Allee in Prenzlauer Berg. That means eating in complete darkness. The evening is further topped by a stimulating and fascinating cultural program, completely against the perception that the eye must be pleasured by the food’s appearance.

In the restaurant Zagreus Project of the gallery owner, artist and cook named Ulrich Raus bimonthly a new artist exhibits his work in the gallery. In pairs and inspired by the art they compose an appropriate menu from that. However, here you have to reserve beforehand. This concept truly reflects the innovation and creativity friendliness of the inhabitants.

In the cosy location Fellas in the Stargarder Straße the creative cuisine is the top priority. Especially favoured are the huge salad plates, as well as the seasonal dishes. The prices for the main dishes range between €7 and €18 and you will also get a wireless Lan access for free.

The 'Sowohl Als Auch' in the Kollwitzstraße is extremely popular among Berliners from all directions and highly frequented – at nearly all times of a day. The breakfast plates are gigantic, diversified and a true delicacy – by the way also orderable until midnight. Just as impressive are the home baked cake and torte creations. But also for lunch they offer the best food. The coffee selection is even appropriate for the most critical coffee enthusiasts. Furthermore, the service is always friendly and in good mood.

The ideal variation from the everlasting appetite for pizza is offered by the Italian La Focacceria. Here you will get a big plate with 14 Focaccias for €18. Hence, the stomach is already satisfied and you can start with the long night through the bars and clubs in Prenzlauer Berg.

The drink offerings of Prenzlauer Berg are very diversified and nearly unmanageable. Even the inhabitants have difficulties to decide. One of the Berlinwide known beer gardens is the Prater near the Kulturbrauerei.

Local Transport

Prenzlauer Berg is well connected to the rest of Berlin’s districts. Besides the various bus and tram lines, especially the elevated train of the subway line U2 offers a quick possibility to get to the inner city. The circle lines (S41 and S24) travel through Prenzlauer Berg and circle around the whole inner city. The S-Bahn (German for: Suburban railway) line S8 connects the district with the north-west and sout-east of the city and several areas of the state Brandenburg.

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