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Berlin Neukölln


The District Neukölln

The formation of the district Berlin-Neukölln has its origin in today’s local centre Rixdorf, which back then, was the biggest Prussian village and renamed Neukölln in 1912. In 1920 the district has finally been suburbanized to Greater Berlin together with the villages Rudow, Britz and Buckow.

To the north, Neukölln borders on the trendy neighbourhood Kreuzberg. Neukölln has quite some things in common with Kreuzberg, which is why inhabitants often call it Kreuzkölln. The about 300,000 inhabitants originating from more than 160 different states really characterize Neukölln. Mostly students move here as well as intercultural people and artists.


The north of Neukölln is determined by the Hermannplatz that isn't only an important traffic junction within Berlin. It further also belongs to the most popular places of the city and captivates by its multifaceted shopping possibilities. There you will also find the famous Karstadt stores. That is followed by the Karl-Marx-Straße, which is a further well-known and popular shopping street among the Berliners.

The Gropiuspassagen include a shopping area of 85,000m² and 180 shops, which is why it belongs to the biggest shopping malls of Berlin. They are opened every day until 8pm and offer also a midnight shopping on Saturdays, which provides you with an extensive shopping experience until 11.30pm. Furthermore, the connection by means of the public transportation is very good, as the mall possesses an own subway station.

Every Tuesday and Friday you will find the Turkish Market in Neukölln at the Maybachufer. There you will get quality fruits and vegetables to reasonable prices, as well as grocery from the South European country. Furthermore, also low priced clothes, shoes and bags are offered.


Very popular among party people is the riverside between Kreuzberg and Neukölln. The nightlife centre is richly drawn through small beer gardens that invite you in for a long night. The bigger clubs, however, can be found in the surrounding districts. Not far away from Neukölln and easily to be reached there are the party-districts Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, so that the Neuköllners and their visitors can easily get around to have a good night out.

Culture & Entertainment

How extraordinary the cultural offerings in this district are, is definitely proved by a visit in the Neukölln Opera. This fancy building of the most special opera within Germany is located in the Karl-Marx-Straße. There they try to get away from the traditional opera and devote to an alternative that connects play and music theatre on a way that one can only understand when having experienced it once.

Also worth seeing is the Neuköllner Hasenheide near Rixdorf. It belongs to the most beautiful old building neighbourhoods of the inner city. In the Bohemian village around the Richardplatz, the most ancient building fabric of Neukölln is located. The now listed historical arrangement has a character of a village idyll and is known as the centre of the district, where also the christmas market takes place every year.

The 5km long street named Sonnenallee has become very famous, due to the same titled movie. It connects Neukölln with Treptow and was separated by the Berlin Wall during the times of division between GDR and FRG. Especially for former GDR-citizens this street holds a special meaning and since the production of the entertainment film it is even more popular and often visited.


Sport & Recreation

Not far away form the dynamic Hermannplatz one will find the Hasenheide. This public park is about 50 ha wide and was an electoral hare enclosure. Today it is a popular recreational area and especially well-known for its very ancient tree population.

Midst Neukölln one can find the officially most beautiful gardens of Germany – the Britzer Garten in the Sangerhauser Weg. With a total area of 90ha it is drawn through water ways, canals, lakes and promenades that invite in for a recreational tour. Additionally, diverse special gardens have been created, such as the witches’ garden or the rose garden, in which various attractions are included.

Who likes to climb might be interested in the T-Hall in the Thiemannstraße. Climbers of all age groups and levels find the appropriate offering for themselves here. Whether one wants to participate at different lessons, take a private training or simply want to climb – anybody will find something applicable. Afterwards the in-house bar arranges for the guests to regain their strength with fresh coffee, for example.

The perfect time-out is offered by the Stadtbad (city baths) Neukölln in the Ganhoferstraße. Not much has changed in its appearance since the opening in 1914, when it belonged to the most beautiful swimming baths throughout Europe. It is equipped with a huge sauna complex, relaxation rooms, a cafeteria, a roof garden, a massage area and saunas. Moreover it includes a 25m long swimming pool, as well as a non-swimmer pool.

Every summer the summer bath (German: Sommerbad) Neukölln at the Columbiadamm is opened for visitors and includes a 50m long swimming pool, a baby pool with a children’s slide, sunbathing areas, a restaurant and playgrounds. Furthermore, it possesses an 83m long waterslide and a jumping arrangement with 1 and 3 meters height and platforms, where one can jump from 5 or 10 meters height right into the water.

The enthusiasts for winter sports are welcomed in the ice skating stadium in Neukölln in the Oderstraße. You can also rent skates there for a little extra charge. Furthermore, it offers a sort of happy hour on different days and times, where you only have to pay half of the original price.

Eat & Drink

The restaurant “Zum Alten Krug” in the street Alt-Rudow offers real German cuisine. Beside the very famous "Käsespätzle" also the traditional Eisbein (German for: knuckle of pork) or pease pudding, sauerkraut and parsely potatoes are offered on the menu – all things that make the German cuisine so popular.

On the other hand, the Wirtshaus Eckbert at the Maybachufer offers a real Berlin service culture with the notorious “Berliner Schnauze” (the Berliners are well-known for their straightforward  mouth that can often be understood as unfriendliness, but is not meant that way). This will meet the high quality food and, above all, freshly cooked dishes. The selection of 6 types of draught beer might further lead to decisional problems.

The City Chicken in the Sonnenallee is a very small, but popular location, where the chicken is freshly prepared and the guests are wowed. Some even travel half an hour to this quite old fashioned restaurant to get their food.

The Tabibito in the Karl-Marx-Straße is especially favoured among enthusiasts for Japanese food. It isn’t quite low priced, but it belongs to the best Sushi-restaurants throughout the city, where the sushi master himself is responsible for the preparation. But the cuisine is not only limited to sushi. Also other Japanese delicacies are provided on the menu and prepared freshly.

At Louis at the Richardplatz Berlin’s biggest Schnitzels are prepared that measure a half meter cross section dimension and are offered together with fries on one plate. Furthermore, also real Austrian beer is offered, with which the very extensive dish can be flushed down with. Enjoy your meal!

Local Transport

The local transportation in Berlin Neukölln is ideally developed and connects the inhabitants and visitors of the district well with the rest of the city in all directions. With the subway lines U7 and U8 one gets to the inner city on the shortest way. The circle line passes the district and connects it with the western and eastern part of Berlin.

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