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Berlin Marzahn


The District Marzahn

The district has its origin in the medieval village that – nostalgically overrated – is still maintained. In this vicinity several small residential estate areas developed in the year 1900, that have been completed by extensive green spaces and city landscapes at the end of the 1970's and 1980's. Finally, Marzahn has become the largest residential estate of the former GDR.


The shopping mall Eastgate Berlin offers an ideal opportunity to go on a shopping tour for young and old. About 150 stores integrate themselves in a total of 1,600m long shop-window front on two floors – including 80 fashion stores that lure to dander. Furthermore, it hosts a “Food Area” that offers more than 400 seats. Thus, the East Gate belongs to the biggest shopping malls within Berlin and the eastern part of Germany. The very diverse offerings are moreover added by frequent actions and events.

Eventually, also smaller shopping centers are spread over the district, which cover all kinds of basic needs of the inhabitants. There one will mostly find shoe stores, some fashion stores, a super market, an electronic market, as well as gastronomic establishments, such as snack bars and/or a restaurant. One example might be the Biesdorf Center in the Weißenhöher Straße in the local center Biesdorf of Marzahn.


The nightlife in Marzahn is less diversified than in other parts of Berlin. Nevertheless, there are some discoteques, that offer the possibility to party within the district. For example, the Gate Club in the Marzahner Chaussee is opened Thursdays till Saturdays. It is a quite modern Club with three dance floors, that make it possible to play different styles of music – such as electronic music, 80s and 90s and the typical all-time-favorites, as well as hip hop and black music.

In the same street the Treasure Garden is located, that plays mainly Pop, Dance and House. Except special events – on Thursdays the ladies get free entrance. The long drinks cost €3 for everyone.

In the Märkische Allee one will find the Club Kringo – opposite of the Eastgate Center. Since many years the location is already popular throughout the eastern part of Berlin. On Saturdays the “Malibu Night 25 Plus” is on the program, where they play Disco and Dance classics, as well as Oldies. The “Honey Friday 18 Plus” party is supported by DJ’s that play mainly Black and House.

Culture & Entertainment

The cultural offerings of Marzahn include – beside medieval churches – several places of excursions that are attractive for culturally interested visitors. On the one hand the Biesdorf Castle in the Street Alt-Biesdorf is regarded as very distinctive due to its artificial stone fassade. In the court of the building an open-air stage is located, which in the summertime lures visitors through diverse events and concerts as well as an open-air movie theatre and many gastronomic offerings.

The wooden windmill (German: Bockwindmühle) of Marzahn in the street, that is named “Hinter der Mühle” (German for: Behind the mill), is the district’s landmark. It has been built in 1994 and is one of the few completely equipped and fully functioning mills, where still flower is produced. The windmill is attached by a village church, a goldsmith, an animal court, as well as a glassblowing that together form the very nostalgic village character of the area.

Besides, the biggest clock in Europe is also located in the district. In 1994/95 a 100m high tower block has been established – the so-called Pyramid – with 23 floors, where green light bars are arranged on the western facade. Those display the hours and minutes. The pyramid-like glass façade at the northern side shows the second intervals on blue light bars. Those end by every full minute with a little lightning bolt at the peak of the pyramid.

The recreational park (German: Erholungspark) Marzahn in the Eisenacher Straße has been introduced during the times of the GDR as a counterbalance to the Britzer Garten and it perfects the look of the district today by the project “Gärten der Welt” (German for: Worlds gardens). On an area of 21 hectares also Europe’s biggest Chinese Garden is located, among others. 20 containers brought the original material to Marzahn back then, with which architects could reach full authenticity. From there the name arose from the Chinese as the “Garden of the Regained Moon” (German: “Garten des wiedergewonnenen Mondes” – as an allusion to the German Reunification.


Sport & Recreation

Where sport and recreation is concerned, Marzahn is especially made attractive by the previously mentioned recreational park. It has been inaugurated in 1987 on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of Berlin. In 2000 this has been enhanced by the project Gardens of the World, to which – amongst others – the Chinese, Japanese, Balinese, Korean and an Oriental garden belong to and it shall represent the accomplishment of the garden art from around the world.

Further, the Wuhletal is perfectly suitable for hiking, cycling or walking. There also the 102m high hill Kienberg is located between the Cecilienstraße and Eisenacher Straße.

Eat & Drink

If you don’t want to cook at home, there are a lot of locations in Marzahn, where you can have something to eat or a couple of drinks. A few restaurants and cafés are located there, that offer anything for almost every wish. Who wants to have a cocktail evening, definitely should visit the Vegas Cocktailbar at the Allee der Kosmonauten with its stylish American ambiance.

Local Transport

The district offers good options to get to diverse other parts of Berlin via public transportation facilities. For example, the S-Bahn (German for: Suburban railway) S7 forms the most important axis to the direction of the city centre and further westwards. In addition, diverse tram lines, such as the lines 6, 7, 8, 17 and 18, provide for a quite quick connection to the centre. Also the regional railways of the line Lichtenberg-Tiefensee stop at the station Ahrensfelde.

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