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Berlin Lichtenberg


The district Lichtenberg

The district is located in the former East-Berlin and especially stands out due to its mix of diverse architectural styles: industrialized apartment blocks from the former GDR, stately buildings that have been established before the war and mansions of the wealthy in Karlshorst tell an exciting story. This story doesn't only deal with Lichtenberg that has been established nearly 100 years ago , but also with the devlopment of the whole capital. Today the district is also quite famous because of its location near the city centre and as it contains attractive and large recreational places.


In Lichtenberg one can find smaller shopping centers everywhere. Here you will have the possibility to obtain quite everything you need, such as clothings, accessories, cosmetics or groceries. These smaller shopping malls can be found at nearly every traffic junction within the district. For a more extensive shopping tour the Lichtenbergers and visitors enjoy a fast connection to the city centre.

One example is the Bärenschaufenster in the Otto-Schmirgal-Straße, near the subway station Tierpark. The quite small mall hosts about 60 shops, restaurants and recreational facilities. Additionally, a weekly market in front of the center is well visited by the inhabitants.


The inhabitants of Lichtenberg rather use their district for living and recreational purposes, which is why there are not many nightlife opportunities. Bigger clubs are rather settled outside the district. However, it is easily possible to get quickly to the next nice club and enjoy the nightlife of Berlin. Furthermore, the public transportation facilities give a good connection at night, also within the week, which is why one gets home smoothly whenever wished.

Nevertheless, the Tollhaus in the Siegfriedstraße in Lichtenberg is a quite reasonably priced location to party extensively and still stay in Lichtenberg. Fridays and Saturdays diverse events are listed on the program, where especially the younger party generation is lured to.

Culture & Entertainment

The meaning of Berlin and Lichtenberg in the past is not only reflected by the structure of the buildings here. There are also many museums and memorial places that integrate themselves here and tell parts of Berlin history.

Once, the last acting minister of the state security service, Erich Mielke, had his office in Lichtenberg. Today, his work and duty rooms still are maintained and opened for visitors in original condition in the research and memorial place Normannenstraße in today's Ruschestraße. In addition, the building also houses an exhibition about the activities of the state security as well as of resistance and opposition in the GDR. 

The German-Russian museum in the local center Karlhorst in the Zwieseler Straße dedicates itself to the German-Soviet and German-Russian relations and presents a permanent exhibition mainly about the German-Soviet war between the years 1941 and 1945. Today the museum is located on the historical place of the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of the Third Reich in 1945. The surrender hall is still illustrated for visitors in the original condition as it functioned back then.

The biggest zoo of Europe - the Tierpark Berlin - forms an attraction of great popularity with its 160 hectares. The baroque castle (German: Schloss) Friedrichsfelde in style of a Dutch villa is also located there directly at the former main entrance of the Tierpark in the street ‘Am Tierpark’. In the castle the story of a representative residence of the Mark Brandenburg during the time from the 18th century is introduced. It is illustrated by rooms equipped splendidly, that are more or less maintained in original conditions. With a little luck and communication skills a guide might give you a better understanding of the details of the exhibition and one gets insights into secret compartments, which normally are not visible for the public at all.


Sport & Recreation

Since 1924 the Tierpark (German for: Animal park) Berlin-Friedrichsfelde in the street 'Am Tierpark' is an excellent recreational facility for the whole family, for the young and the young at heart. On 160 hectares of area the approximately 7,500 animals and about 1000 species are accommodated in gigantic enclosures and cared with a lot of love here. Thus, on such a big area enough room can be kept for the animals. The feeling of liberty by the animals and the authenticity is achieved through extensive vivaria, where they mostly renounced fences. Instead, deep ditches make sure to keep the animals in check. Moreover, the spacious park is equipped with a botanic garden, as well as many secret ways and isolated places which are worth to discover. It is hardly manageable to see everything on just one day.

Between July and September each year – since its establishment in 2004 – the Sunflower Labyrinth appears in all its glory including games with stamps and plays of water. All this is free of cost and even for the Berliner it's an absolute highlight. It can be found in the Zobtener Straße at the crossing of the Fischerstraße. 

The harness racing track in Karlshorst at the Treskowallee suits perfectly for those that are enthusiastic about equestrian sports. Whether you want to bet on horse racings, want to ride a horse yourself or take part at the diverse family programs – you will surely find something interesting for you. Furthermore, there are also a harvest home and a night flea market hosted on the area. 

Eat & Drink

The inhabitants of Lichtenberg prefer  to have a diversity of restaurants right around the corner, when they have a dinner out. Thus, several bars and restaurants found their place here. Gourmets are provided with various locations with Indian, traditional German, French and Italian cuisine that are  opened almost all day. Small hint: the most and best restaurants in the district are located at the min streets.

Moreover, the restaurant 'Fünf-Ländereck' in the Rathausstraße is highly recommendable. It has style, excellent dishes and – what you rarely expect in Berlin – a very friendly service. The quite solid typical German dishes are superior, but always a success.


Local Transport

The district is very well connected to the city centre and surrounding districts by the public transportation facilities. With the subway line U5 you will be at the Alexanderplatz, as well as in the opposite direction in Hönow (almost in the state Brandenburg) within 15 minutes. The S-Bahn (German for: Suburban railway) lines S5, S7 and S75 travel from the north-eastern parts of Berlin (partly even directly from Brandenburg) over Lichtenberg and further westwards and even until Potsdam. Additionally, the station Lichtenberg is an important long distance railway station, from which fast regional trains depart. Furthermore, Lichtenberg is widely spread with divers bus and tram lines, that complete the local transfer within the city.

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