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Berlin Köpenick


The district Köpenick

The district Köpenick is about 800 years old and, thus, it belongs to the oldest districts of Berlin. It developed after Berlin-Cölln and Spandau as the third town in the mediaeval times in the  territory of Greater Berlin. It is located at the junction of the Rivers Spree and Dahme, which is why Köpenick quickly developed into one of the most important emporia. Today the former fishing village distinguishes itself as the greenest and also largest district within Berlin.

However, Köpenick is primarily known by Friedrich Wilhelm Voigt, who was born in 1848, alias “Der Hauptmann von Köpenick” (German for: Captain of Köpenick). He composed a uniform out of rummage, went to the town-hall with a convincing commanding tone, put the town’s mayor under arrest and let the city treasury be paid out to him “in the name of the Majesty”. Finally, he signed the receipt with the name of his last prison warden. This way, he completely ridiculed the uniform-bondage of the Prussians. This forwardness not only made him immortal in the literature – there is also a statue for him standing in front of the town-hall.


The favoured shopping destination for the Köpenick inhabitants is the shopping mall Forum Köpenick in the Bahnhofstraße – directly at the S-Bahn (German for: suburban railway) station Köpenick. It is a three-storied building with about 140 stores. Furthermore, it includes the so-called “Schlemmeroase” where you have a rich choice of food and drinks of all kinds of famous nationalities for the big and small appetite. By the way, you will find a life-sized statue of the famous “Hauptmann von Köpenick” here, as well.


The club and disco life in Köpenick is not quite well developed. However, diverse bars in the district provide for possibilities to have a nice night out in the district. Furthermore, one gets a quick and frequent connection to further districts, where all the famous clubs of Berlin are located.

The Ratskeller in the Street Alt-Köpenick hosts jazz evenings on Fridays and Saturdays. Nevertheless, those are so popular, that it is recommended to make an early reservation.

Culture & Entertainment

Not only the history of Köpenick indicates how old this district is – further, old buildings, historic churches, as well as narrow streets let you suppose that most areas tell long and exciting stories.

A walk through the historic centre of Köpenick is especially recommendable while making an excursion from the Schlossplatz (German for: Palace square), over the Luisenhain until the town hall and then to the Köpenick castle. It will reveal a lot about the history of the district, as well as its daily life.

In the historic centre the river Dahme flows into the Spree and there also the baroque Wasserschloss (German for: water castle) of Köpenick is located, that derives from the 17th century. The historic building stands on a little island and back then it acted as a hunting lodge and summer residence of the House of Hohenzollern. Today it hosts the museum of applied arts of the governmental museums Berlin (German: Staatliche Museen zu Berlin). The main components of the exhibition are creations of interior design from the rococo, baroque and renaissance.

The previously mentioned town hall Köpenick in the Street Alt-Köpenick today is considered one of the most beautiful throughout Berlin. Not only because of the story about the Captain (Hauptmann von Köpenick) it invites you for a visit. The now listed building was established in 1905 and extended over the years.

In the street named An der Wuhlheide the today listed Open-Air stage – in form of an amphitheatre – is located. It contains standing room for about 17,000 people and 15,300 seats and, besides the Waldbühne in Charlottenburg, it belongs to the biggest and most famous open-air stages of the capital. Stars like Peter Fox, Herbert Grönemeyer, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Robbie Williams or Pearl Jam already performed here.


Sport & Recreation

The district in the south-east is well-known and especially liked for its diverse recreational possibilities. Lakes, forests, hills and extensive green areas contribute to the high quality of life in Köpenick. The lake named Müggelsee has an ara of 7.4m² and is up to 8m deep, which is why it is the biggest lake within Berlin. Many restaurants and cafés are located around it, as well as much green space, which especially in summer is extremely inviting.

Round the Müggelsee three local centres are arranged, namely Müggelheim, Rahnsdorf and Friedrichshagen. Rahnsdorf is also nicknamed New-Venice, due to its many small canals, where inhabitants go from house to house by boat. In this beautiful landscape also visitors of Köpenick will find a recreational opportunity to retreat from the big city life. 

During summer time the renters of a holiday apartment in Köpenick will find the possibility to cool down or let off steam in the water of the lido Müggelsee or simply catch some rays laying on the grass. Additionally, the lake has a quite long tradition in water sports. Boathouses, sports clubs, shipyards, boat rentals, as well as charter companies reside there. But also surfing and sailing schools offer their services at the Müggelsee. 

South of the Müggelsee during the glacial epoch and on an area of about 7km² a small mountain range developed, which now are the highest in Berlin – the Müggelberge. More precisely, the 88m high hill Kleiner Müggelberg and the 115m high Großer Müggelberg dominate here.

Further to the direction of the city centre the big recreational park Wuhlheide is located. There also the FEZ (Freizeit- und Erholungszentrum – German for: Leisure and recreation centre) resides in the street named Straße zum FEZ. It is located on a very extensive area that offers exciting attractions and amusement possibilities for children and teenagers. The offerings and events are extremely diversified and arrange for memorable adventures for the little visitors.

Who still haven't had enogh, is recommended to do a steamboat tour on the Spree, where you can discover the rest of Köpenick or simply drift on the water. There are different providers along the Spree, as well as around the Müggelsee, where you can register for a tour or rent a boat. 

There are also various sporting activities within the district. For example the Mellowpark in the Friedrichshagener Straße is a well developed and frequently extended centre – especially for BMX-ers and Skateboarders. On 2,500m² street-area all kinds of ramps have been built. Also footballers have their opportunities. On an area of  about 1 km2 footballers of every age are welcome. Furthermore, 2 beach volleyball and basketball fields have been built there. Additionally, an adventurous playground with slides, climbing walls, sand etc. is made for children that aims at discovering the world.

Eat & Drink

If you don’t want to cook yourself, the Spree Arche can be a very attractive address. The small restaurant is located on the water and does not only lure boats driving past, but also hikers and others to enjoy the seasonally changing food offerings. On land it can be reached best through the path called Müggelschlösschenweg.

Furthermore, the Lehmofen in the street Freiheit is a famous place to go due to its Anatolian dishes. The restaurant has an excellent reputation especially because of its typical Anatolian clay stove (called Tandir), where meat, fish and vegetables are grilled and steamed.

Near the old town Köpenick in the Gartenstraße the Krokodil resides, directly at the river side. Thus, it is idyllically located and even hosts an own beach with a boat rental. On Sundays they also arrange the very famous brunch buffet, whereas also the daily pasta dishes, salads, fish etc. are very attractive. For the live music on weekends it is highly recommended to make a reservation in advance.

In the Bölschestraße in the local centre Friedrichshagen you will find the café / restaurant "Die Spindel". It offers all kinds of wines, as well as home baked cakes on a quite exclusive standard.

If you just want to have a drink somewhere, you should visit the Duke-Bar in the street Freiheit in Köpenick, which offers a quite exclusive ambiance and a diversified selection of cocktails. Also the Cocktailbar called Sommerkind seems quite welcoming with its patio at the Spree riverside and a comfortable ambiance.

Local Transport

The fastest connection from Köpenick to the city centre is provided by the S-Bahn (German for: suburban railway) line S3, which passes the most important districts of Berlin directly and quickly. But also the well developed tram network, as well as bus lines bring you quickly through Köpenick and into other districts.

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