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Berlin Hohenschönhausen


The District Hohenschönhausen

During the 1980's the structure of Hohenschönhausen - just like Marzahn and Hellersdorf - has been considerably affected by the establishment of newly-built neighbourhoods. Here as well one did not relinquish including rich green areas. Nevertheless, most of the old buildings have been kept until today, as well as old farm houses and village churches in the former village centres. Moreover, around the lake Obersee one finds more attractive mansion quarters and row houses, which perfect and prettify the district’s structure. The configuration of the residential district with a great connection to the city centre and the proximity to the natural landscape of the federal state Brandenburg and the district Weißensee make Hohenschönhausen especially attractive for those renters of a holiday apartment that seek for recreation.


On one side, the district hosts the Linden Center in the area Malchow, near the Prerower Platz. The little mall offers predominantly book stores, technical stores, diverse fashion shops, grocery and gastronomy, shoes and accessories, drugstores and perfumeries, as well as some service providers. Well known labels, such as Mango, H&M or MEXX can be found here. Furthermore, a store of the German-widely spread store Kaufhof is also located in the Linden Centre. In addition, the Allee Center in the Landsberger Allee is composed of some bigger shopping streets where  many different fashion shops, restaurants, cafés as well as drug stores are situated.

The Pacific-Center in the Marzahner Straße might seem a little inconspicuous from the outside. The big hall is to be entered by a truck loading ramp. In the inside one finds a wide range of primarily Vietnamese salesmen, next to some Chinese, Indians and Pakistani, where you can buy diverse products from East-Asia, but also East-Europe, quite well-priced.



The bar in the water tower in the Waldowstraße truly offers a great opportunity to have a night out in Hohenschönhausen. The tower has been built at the beginning of the 20th century near the lake Obersee, in order to provide the inhabitants in the vicinity with water. Today the building steepened in history is privately owned and serves as a gastronomy business. This very impressive location frequently hosts several attractive events, such as whisky and wine evenings. Once in a month the All-You-Can-Eat Sushi buffet lures Berliners and visitors into the water tower.

Culture & Entertainment

Amongst others, the memorial place, called Gedenkstätte Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, in the Genslerstraße characterizes the cultural offerings of the district. In the past, the remand centre of the ministry of the secret police was located there. Since 1994 here the memorial place set itself to  study and present the prison in Hohenschönhausen, which it was between the years 1945 and 1989. Moreover, this knowledge is made accessible through several exhibitions and events. The content is mainly referred to the consequences of the political persecution and oppression during the time of the communist dictatorship. The authenticity is primarily assured by the interior that is almost undamaged, as well as its location at this prominent place, which reminds of the victims of the communist tyranny in Germany. Additionally, the guided tours are mainly leaded by former prisoners that can best inform about the conditions in the prison during that time.

At the main road of the old village centre of the part Alt-Hohenschönhausen there is the listed ensemble of the manor house Hohenschönhausen and the corresponding park. It is joined by the Tabor church as well as the former village school that is also listed on the historic register of memorials in Berlin. In the citizen's palace one can find some carefully uncovered mural paintings and stucco works, which belong to the best surviving mementos of the city. Furthermore, the building offers, among others, rooms for events, a ballroom, galleries and a repository.

A very famous spot is the Mies-van-der-Rohe house in the mansion district of Hohenschönhausen. It was named after the famous Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe who designed this building at the beginning of the 1930's as his last work. Here you can find an exhibition for modern art today.

Another intersting place to be might be the Tierheim (German: animal home) in the former urban district Falkenberg that is known even beyond the borders of Hohenschönhausen. On an area big enough for about 30 football fields (16 ha) every day the staff cares for approximately 1000 animals, no matter if they have four legs or if they are winged. Due to its very modern equipment it is particularly suitable for housing and caring for the animals. Besides, these modern grounds are also often used for promotional shootings. Moreover, German and even Hollywood movies have found a perfect setting with this animal home, e.g. "Tatort" or "Aeon Flux". 


Sport & Recreation

The countless green areas within Hohenschönhausen and the natural landscape of the federal state Brandenburg that borders this district provide for recreation and they can be reached easily via the public transport. In the summertime, the lido Orankesee with a sandy beach includes a lawn for sunbathing and a 52m long water slide, besides one for smaller children. Moreover, there is an area for nonswimmers that is marked-off from that for swimmers. The leisure activities include ping pong tables, a playground, a beach volleyball field and a quite diversified snack offering.

The Sportforum Hohenschönhausen is the right place for those who love sports. It includes diverse sport halls of various disciplines, a bicycle circuit and a stadium, which is why it also belongs to the front-ranking sport facilities of Berlin.

Eat & Drink

In Hohenschönhausen you will find a mixed offering of diverse possibilities to have drink or eat something at several restaurants of many different nationalities. Also, some cafés and bars are included in this offering, that are very diversified. Whether you want to take your time or just quickly grab some food at a snack bar – the district holds various opportunities for your needs. Here as well, the bar & restaurant in the water tower (German: Bar im Wasserturm) at the lake Obersee can truly be recommended, which also includes a patio.

Local Transport

The S-Bahn (German for: suburban railway) line S75 offers a good connection to other districts, as it leads westwards over Lichtenberg. Furthermore, the district is well-networked with diverse tram and bus lines.


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