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Berlin Friedrichshain


The District Friedrichshain

The district extends until the Spree’s river bank in the south and its name is due to the public park called Friedrichshain located in the north. In the 1920's and 30's it was the stronghold of the social democrats and served as a working-class neighbourhood for decades. Because of low rents, Friedrichshain lured diverse inhabitants after the reunification, that's why by now the district became a popular identification feature for the Berlin Multiculturalism. Today the district is one of the most famous hotspots of the city.




Such diverse inhabitants and visitors definitely need a wide range of shopping possibilities. First of all the Ring Center at the Frankfurter Allee already offers an adequate selection of textile goods, shoe stores, electro shops or drugstores, as well as super markets of the rather commercial labels. A few years ago, this mall has eventually been extended by the establishment of Galeria Kaufhof, which now adjoins to the Ring Center and, thus, broadens the choice considerably. Another location of the Galeria Kaufhof can be found in the same district at the Ostbahnhof.

Nevertheless, various upcoming fashion labels reside in Friedrichshain. You will find plenty of boutiques, where young designers sell their own and very individual creations. For example, in the store, called Berlinomat, at the Frankfurter Allee you can get completely dressed in real Berlin Fashion and buy fancy souvenirs.

Those hunting for souvenirs will definitely discover something adequate at the Mondos Arts in the Schreinerstraße. The shop is named after GDR-condoms of the Company Mondos and it offers various odds and ends, which are especially associated with former East Berlin. For example, the famous Sandmännchen is celebrated here honourably. Next to Pitiplatsch & Co., also the Ampelmännchen is available in all shapes and these are definite fast sellers, as well as diverse books, shirts and DVD’s about Berlin. Those who simply want to search about a little surely will enjoy this shop.



Revellers are definitely welcomed in Friedrichshain. The district is especially well-known and famous for its bar street, the Simon-Dach-Straße, where reams of bars and cafés string together. Furthermore, you will find various discos, which Berliners and visitors love to go to.

The Künstliche Beatmung is located at the Simon-Dach-Straße. This bar is primarily treated with the best electronic sounds. Every Friday and Saturday DJ’s play real Funk and Electro. The fantastic retrostyle interior and the psychedelically patterned wallpapers might cause flashbacks to the 60's.

The Sanatorium 23 is located at the Frankfurter Allee and truly worth a visit. Its pop-art designed interior with upholstered lying and sitting areas made of leather is just as curious as its name. Nice electro sounds of the DJ’s and the bartender’s original Vodka creations will surely speed up the recovering from the daily stress.

The Lovelite is located in the Simplonstraße and has a relatively unadorned ambiance on two dance floors. There is no definite style of music to be determined, but you can count on Funk, Electro and Soul on Fridays and Saturdays, that shall attract a wide range of people. Furthermore, the small stage hosts several bands from time and time.

The club Matrix directly under the Metro-Station (German: U-Bahnhof) Warschauer Straße has a quite good reputation. Its clientele, however, is mixed depending on the day of the week and the season. Especially, it lures many tourists, dancers and students, who want to enjoy the wide range of good music styles on three floors, an open-air area and a lounge. The prices are hardly beatable – frequently they have offerings where guests get two drinks at the price of one. A little hint: The best time to visit Matrix is outside the Berlin school vacation and within the week. Mostly that is the time where the bartenders get in highest spirits and start dancing on the tables, the club is not too overcrowded and the music excellent.


Culture & Entertainment

The old buildings in the Berlin district at the border to West Berlin reveal much about this very special culture of Friedrichshain. However, if you stand on the Oberbaum bridge you will experience a totally different view on Berlin with a vision from the district Treptow until Mitte – and you may not be able to imagine anymore how it might have looked like during the time of the division. Further, since a while also the main building of “Universal Music” is located there and visible from the Bridge. Who certainly wants to have a more precise impression about the time when Friedrichshain was a working-class neighbourhood, it is recommended to visit the Karl-Marx-Allee – former Stalinallee. To this day, the preserved architectural style represents a good example of the socialistic classicism.

The East-Side-Gallery is famous around the globe. With a length of 1.3km it is also the longest preserved piece of Berlin Wall and largest open-air gallery world-wide. After the reunification various Graffiti-Artists have eternized their thoughts and feelings about the time of division between East and West and expressed their enthusiasm about the fall of the Berlin Wall on the eastern side of the wall. It is one of the most important landmarks of the city and a must-see for all visitors. After so many years, however, the paintings started to wash out, that's why on the occasion of the Festival of Freedom to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall in November 2009 many artists gathered again to renew their artwork. Now, the famous Trabi and the “Bruderkuss” (German for: Brother’s kiss” between Honecker and Breschnew) shine in new brightness.

In the Revaler Straße, directly at the Warschauer Bridge, the RAW Temple extends to an area of 8,800m². The aggregate is possessed by the Deutsche Bahn and is basically a huge cultural project. More than 60 socio cultural projects are offered, including exhibitions, performances, concerts, parties, readings and an uncountable range of workshops.


Sport & Recreation

The best recreation might be offered by the public park (German: Volkspark) Friedrichshain, which is quite spacious with a wide range of sights. Especially for children the fairy-tale font displays a great attraction. It is surrounded by several fairy-tale figures from the stories of the Brothers Grimm, which might be interesting for grown-ups, as well, to test their fairy-tale knowledge and to refresh it. The Bunkerberg (German for: bunker hill) with a height of 78m provides for a view over the neighbouring residential quarter. During the summertime the open air theatre, built in 1950, hosts diverse concerts and acts as an open air cinema, as well. Furthermore, there are several sports and leisure facilities in the park. Playgrounds, green space, a small pond and sunbathing areas are available, that lure for recreation in the middle of the metropolis.

The skater hall named Cassiopeia is a part of the previously mentioned RAW Temple in the Revaler Straße and equally lures various party guests in the evenings. Furthermore, you will find a climbing wall in the aggregate and dozens of additional events (e.g. early morning exercises), which should incite everyone to move.


Eat & Drink

Friedrichshain has a spacious choice of diverse snack bars, restaurants, cafés and bars from all kinds of themes and nationalities. Whether you want to smoke water pipes or want to enjoy culinary delicacies, whether you just want to grab some food or utilize the cocktail happy hour – Friedrichshain fulfils every desire. Especially, the less earning inhabitants are considered here, such as students and artists, which have moved into this district. Thus, contrary to other districts, here quality is offered at good price.

The culinary diversity is mainly offered around the Simon-Dach-Straße. At every time of the day you will find a wide choice of offerings on the menu. However, the area is perfectly suitable for having a couple of drinks out. The never-ending happy hour in the hip bars lures Berliners from every direction to Friedrichshain. Furthermore, especially this district is a favoured place to go for Berlin inhabitants to have breakfast or brunch.

For a long time already the Alarabi is popular especially among young people. The exotic furnishings together with the candle light signify the very cosy flair. But the actual reason for so many people to come here are the many water pipes and the wide choice of tobacco.


Local Transport

The connection to the east- and westward direction is provided by the S-Bahn (German for: suburban railway) lines S3, S5, S7 and S9. You will get north- and southwards with the S8 and the Circle Line (S42/S43). The metro lines U1 and U5, however, provide for a fast connection westwards. For the direct connection to Airport Schönefeld the S9 is most appropriate. The Ostbahnhof is an important station for the intercity transport.

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